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The First Bad Health News About Wine

Every day some new study comes out telling us all how great red wine is for your health. Well for the first time in a long while, there's news that drinking too much wine may not be the best thing for you, especially if you're stressed out or have a history of high blood pressure. Apparently wine, just like beer, tends to raise blood pressure on the whole. Here are some more details on the study.

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Ian wrote:
04.24.05 at 9:47 PM

Food (or drink) for thought. Thanks for the link.

I do have problems with prehypertension (medicated) and high triglycerides. I admit that I am over-indulging on red wine.

I wonder how many of your readers are also "bottle-a-day" indulgers who have not taken the basic steps to at least check blood pressure. Red wine may be good for us, but not if we love it too much.

Bill Irvin wrote:
04.25.05 at 6:41 PM

Oh no,
I just spent the last 10 years convincing my Doc and plying him with great juice. I hope he does not see this. I too fall into the 1/2 to full bottle a day. I belive that moderation is the key factor and I wonder if you pace it through the day, will there be a different result?

Joel wrote:
04.26.05 at 8:29 AM

Wow - bottle per day and you're calling that moderation? Triglycerides are directly related to wine drinking and if yours are elevated then thats you liver and metabolism telling you that its too much. You may have the bad luck of genetics. Some people drink all day and live to be 90 - they're blessed with good genetics. You sound more like me - my love of wine was killing me no matter how much I said "moderation" I was still drinking half-bottle plus everyday.

I had to cut it out for 3 months (Dr's orders) and adjust my diet with more veggies and less carbs and my triglycerides dropped 60% (I am a regular excercise person anyway). Now I'm back on the juice, at a true "moderate" pace, and with healthy Triglycerides and no medication.

Genetics are a very individual thing so don't allow generalization (good or bad) make you think one way or another about wine. For more info you can check out The Tempus Clinic in Los Gatos. Not cheap but I fixed my cholesterol related issues, still drink wine, and never took a pill! (if you think drinking wine is harmful, try taking man-made drugs for 30 years and see where you end up!)

Ryan Scott wrote:
05.25.05 at 12:29 AM

Keep your daily consumption to 2-3 glasses at the most and you should see the health benefits. If you are drinking upwards of 3 glasses per day, most of the benefits will be reversed on the same systems you would have been helping.

Matthew wrote:
08.17.05 at 7:25 AM

Getting addicted to any thing is not a good for health. I use to be an ocassional drinker few months back but then I felt like I was getting addicted so I gave up two months before this one.

darrell wrote:
05.14.06 at 9:36 PM
floyd wrote:
05.14.06 at 9:36 PM

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