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Wine, New York, and Web 2.0

When it comes to the Internet, I'm sandwiched between skeptic and cynic with a little bit of realist included along with the lettuce and tomato. With a day job running a firm that designs interactive user experiences, including web sites, I know a few small things about what works and what doesn't on the internet. When it comes to the Internet and wine, almost no one gets it right. I've ranted before about the rash of Web 2.0 sites for wine lovers out there. No one has gotten it right yet. But just the other day someone posted a link... continue reading


The Michelin Stars of New York

Perhaps the most anticipated publishing of dining related information in the last several years, the Michelin guide has just released its star ratings for New York restaurants. Known as the gold standard for restaurant ratings in Europe, where its coveted stars have made or broken careers, businesses, and even lives, the Michelin Guide announced earlier this year that it would be publishing its first ever guide to New York. Today its star ratings have been made public, and can be seen as the first serious competition to the reign of the New York Times food section, many of whose ratings... continue reading


The Boy In The Bubble Visits New York Hot Spots

Warning: This is decidedly not Politically Correct, but it is too funny not to post, even though it's a bit off in left field for Vinography. McSweeney's, the delightful literary and everything-tangential-to-literature magazine founded and run by Dave Eggers has a series of New York restaurant reviews from The Boy In The Bubble. Says the Boy In The Bubble about Asia De Cuba:"Deciding that I mustn't be the last member of New York's illustrious glitterati to show off the exploits of a recent Milan shopping spree at Asia de Cuba, the Philippe Starck-designed Cuban-Asian fusion hot spot, I ventured into... continue reading


America's Best New Chefs for 2005

Thanks to a tip from The Daily Olive, I learned that Food and Wine Magazine has announced their list of Best New Chefs of 2005. Among them is San Francisco's own Daniel Humm, of Campton Place. Here's the list: Tyson Cole of Uchi, Austin Seth Bixby Daugherty of Cosmos, Minneapolis Christophe Eme of Ortolan Restaurant, Los Angeles Shea Gallante of Cru, New York City Colby Garrelts of Bluestem, Kansas City Maria Hines of Earth & Ocean, Seattle Daniel Humm of Campton Place, San Francisco Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson of Frasca Food and Wine, Boulder Tony Maws of Craigie Street Bistrot, Cambridge Eric... continue reading


It's Restaurant Week in New York (6/20 - 7/1)

Well, technically this post should have gone up on Monday, but it got lost in the shuffle. The important thing to know, though, is that it's not too late to get some of the best deals in dining on the planet. Restaurant week is, of course, the week (actually two) in New York where some of the finest restaurants offer prix fixe meals for lunch and dinner at rock bottom prices. This year it's $20.12 for lunch and $35 for dinner on weekdays. Here's the official NYC Restaurant Week site which lists the participating restaurants and offers OpenTable reservations for... continue reading


Restaurant Review: Bouley, New York

Good art is a dichotomy that merges the completely obvious and the utterly mysterious. There used to be an artist on public TV named Bob Ross, who, until his death ten years ago, bared the inner workings of an oil painting to thousands of viewers per day. In just 26 minutes Bob would go from a blank canvas to a finished landscape painting showing you exactly how to do it: which paints, which brushes, and the technique for putting them together. If you've never seen this show, it's hard to describe both the miraculousness of watching the painting take... continue reading


Coming Soon: The Michelin Guide To New York

Michelin Guides, the venerable (or iniquitous depending on your point of view) institution behind the most elite restaurant guide in the world are doing a version for New York City. The guide and its inspectors will be covering about 500 restaurants and will also be bestowing the coveted one, two, or three star ratings to a select few. As if the bookies in town didn't have enough things to wager on. If there's any sense of humor to the world, I hope there's at least a little action to be had over which kitchens come out on top. Care to... continue reading


The Best Sushi in New York City: The Excel Spreadsheet

Epicurious has recently redone their site and they now have a food column called The Corner Table. They recently got the scoop on a (brilliantly) obsessive Wall Street Stockbroker's pride and joy -- a 91 line excel spreadsheet ranking sushi restaurants in Manhattan. This may be old news to Manhattan-ites just like the law clerk who wrote the long brief on take out restaurants but I think it's great. Don't ask me how this guy manages to eat sushi sometimes up to 6 times per week (I like it too, but not that much) but the thing is a work... continue reading


Restaurant Review: Bar Masa, New York City

There's just something I will never get over about going to a fine restaurant in a shopping mall. Even if it is a clinically chic, modern mall like the Time Warner Center. Partly, great eating experiences make you feel special, and there's nothing like jostling your way down marble halls and up escalators packed with tourists and teenagers to set the wrong tone for your fine dining experience. But that's exactly where Masa Takayama's, highly hyped restaurant (which is split into two halves, Masa and Bar Masa) is located. Masa (the main dining room) seats 26, has no menus, and... continue reading


WWGE: Where Would Guliani Eat?

From Right This Way, the Fodor's Blog: If you were the Republican national committee and needed to get the list of the best restaurants in NYC who would you ask? Rudolph Guliani, of course. Here's Guliani's top 10 list for the city, and boy what a lot of variation we have here, let's see, a steak place, a steak place, and a steak place, and a steak place, and an Italian joint, and... hey look, a pizza place. The guy has only one French restaurant on there! Don't use it as your list of must do's in New York, but... continue reading


Restaurant Review: Lombardi's Pizza (and Every Good Pizza Restaurant), New York City

So I sat down this morning to write a snappy review of some of the best pizza I've ever eaten in my life, courtesy of Lombardi's Pizzeria in SoHo, which can reasonably claim to be the first pizza place in New York City, and for many years has also had a reasonable claim to being the best pizza in NY. However, due to the remarkable coincidence of fate that so often plagues the Internet and those who surf it regularly, I was notified this morning of a New York Pizzeria posting on one of the blogs I read regularly. Following... continue reading


Top 100 Lists for Inexpensive and Good NYC Restaurants

From the Fodor's Travel Blog, Right this Way:Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema's annual themed lists of the "best and cheapest" restaurants in New York are always work a look -- and often worth studying carefully. This year covers Italian. I was happy to see that cultish Brooklyn pizza joint Di Fara's came in at #13, and that all those mediocre Little Italy places were almost nowhere to be seen. Past Lists: Latin (2003) Asian (2002) Inexpensive (2001)... continue reading


Restaurant Review: Jean Georges, New York City

Why do I splurge occasionally on a meal? Not just because I love good food, but because every meal I have is another point on my gastronomic map, a map which defines the best and worst of my dining experiences along with variety. I splurge not only to add one more experience to the list, but because I am also looking for experiences which re-set the bar for what is good, great, and what is truly sublime. This week, my measure of sublime just got pushed a little higher, thanks to the unique constellation of stunning interior design, impeccable service,... continue reading


Restaurant Review: H&H Bagels, New York City

OK. OK. So it ain't a restaurant. Heck they won't even toast a bagel for you, not even if you beg and plead. What they are -- simply -- is the best bagel in New York City, and by extension, the world. It's sort of like even though we don't invite other people to compete in the NBA finals, we call the winning team the World Champions. The best bagels in New York, by default, end up being world class. I'm sure the folks at H&H would gladly compete on the world stage, but really they don't have to. They... continue reading


Restaurant Review: Bao 111, New York City

In San Francisco we tend to think of ourselves as flush with good fusion restaurants of all sorts, especially Vietnamese. With hometown stars like Ana Mandara and The Slanted Door, I was surprised to be introduced to a restaurant in New York that easily tops both of those popular institutions at significantly lower prices. Ah yes, New York. Last Sunday we joined Ruth's brother for a meal at Bao 111, a small Lower East Side establishment. Amidst the noise of a loud (but very good) live jazz trio and about 50 young hipsters, we enjoyed a great meal. Bao is... continue reading

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