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Tasting Organic Rosé Wines from the South of France

Early this week I spent a few days wandering around the Millesime Bio fair in France. Billed as the world's largest biodynamic and organic wine fair, it was definitely a sight to behold. Lest anyone think that organic and biodynamic wine were a fringe movement, there were more than 800 vintners from dozens of countries showing their wares to tens of thousands of attendees. I explored a number of things at the fair, but by far my most pleasurable tasting experience was the couple of hours I spent tasting organic rosés from the Languedoc and Provence. Whereas in other areas... continue reading


When it Comes to Rosé, Italy Gives France a Run for the Money

My gold standard for pink wine has long been the wines of southern France, in particular Provence. Add in some of the wines of Tavel, Marsannay, and the Loire Valley, and you've pretty much covered the vast majority of what I think is the world's greatest rosé. For anyone who's not familiar with those appellations, they all have one thing in common. They're in France. Have I had good rosés from other places? Sure I have. From all over the world. We're not talking about France having a monopoly here, they're just the safest bet I know of. Or knew... continue reading


The Joy of Pink Pinot: Tasting at the 2011 IPNC

Regular readers will know that I'm a fan of everything pink when it comes to wine. Rosé is one of the most underrated and least appreciated wines by "serious" wine lovers. Food friendly, refreshing, and complex, the best rosés are among the wine world's most versatile and exciting wines. Thankfully, they are not only becoming more accepted, but increasingly popular, especially as the stigma of sickly-sweet White Zinfandel fades from the collective consciousness. One of my favorite features of the IPNC event that I am attending this week in Oregon's Willamette Valley has always been their afternoon rosé of Pinot... continue reading


Montenidoli, San Gimignano, Tuscany: Some Current Releases

About three months ago, I found myself wandering around the halls at the Vino2011 tradeshow in New York. Put on by the Italian Trade Commission, it is the largest Italian wine show outside of Italy, and an opportunity to taste an awful lot of Italian wine in a very short period of time. Sometimes when I go to such events, I have a plan to focus on certain regions, or grape varieties, but sometimes I just wander to see what catches my eye. Which is how one afternoon I ended up in the back corner of a side hall where... continue reading


2009 Patton Valley Vineyards Rosé of Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon

When it comes to wineries I generally know I'm in for something good when I drive down a long dirt road (unsure if I'm headed in the right direction) and finally come upon some vineyards and a couple of small aluminum barns with harvest bins stacked outside. For many small winery operations, the barrel storage, the lab, the office, and the tasting room are all under one corrugated roof. I had the pleasure of winding my way down just such a road on a rainy Autumn day five years ago to arrive at the little operation that is Patton Valley... continue reading


Why Does American Rosé Suck?

I was poking around in my wine cellar last night, taking stock of what I might be drinking soon, now that I'm through some serious crunch time at work. In particular I was looking for some nice bottles of rosé that I might enjoy on the back porch, on those rare evenings where the summer fog doesn't make such activities tantamount to frostbite. I found some nice bottles that all had one thing in common: none of them were made in America. Most were French, some were Italian. I wouldn't have really given that much thought except for the fact... continue reading


2007 York Creek Vineyards Touriga Nacional Rose, Sonoma County

One of my favorite punching bags in the world is the sorry state of California rosé. For some reason, winemakers just don't seem to be able to produce the beautifully dry, crisp, tart rosés that I have come to expect from southern France, southern Italy, and northern Spain. These Mediterranean wines are the benchmark for rosé, and most American wines fall quite short. Which is why I'm so enthusiastic when I discover pink wines that are made well in this country. And when they're made of exotic grape varieties, so much the better! If you gave me three guesses as... continue reading


JC Cellars, Oakland: Current Releases

In the Silicon Valley, business incubation is quite common -- larger companies often provide financial, operations, and moral support to smaller companies that they themselves have started, or outside start-ups that they believe have a good potential for success. This practice has become so normal that some companies have established entire business models based on incubation. Incubation has also become common in the wine industry, where the costs of all the equipment and supplies required to make wine can be an extreme barrier to entry, and a source of extremely high overhead for those who do take the plunge. Just... continue reading


2002 Az. Agr. Valentini "Cerasuolo" Rosato, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Italy

A few wineries around the world can credibly claim that the family has been making wine in the same spot for more than 300 years. Winegrowing, after all, is traditionally a family affair, and people inevitably take grandpa's advice when it comes to hanging on to plots of land. They ain't making any more of it, didn't ya know? Far fewer than even these storied wine producers, are those who can credibly claim that not only have they been making wine for more than 300 years, that they have been making wine the exactly the same way for centuries. Edoardo... continue reading


RAP Pink Out Rosé Tasting: May 21, San Francisco

I think we've turned a corner. At least in the major metropolitan areas of America, it's no longer uncool to be seen sipping a glass of pink wine. This was not always the case. Six or eight years ago, such an action in some circles (not mine) was a clear admission that you knew nothing about wine. Or worse, that you had lousy taste in wine. Then the newspapers and the magazines started in on rosé wines, and every summer there were suggestions from those in the know that perhaps drinking pink was no longer so uncool. Much to the... continue reading


Winter RAP Rose Tasting: November 15th, San Francisco

You know pink wine is making a comeback when a bunch of vintners and marketing folks think they can fill a nightclub with rosé drinking young socialites in the middle of a chilly November. The Rose Avengers and Producers who put on the annual RAP PinkOut are betting on precisely that, however. What has been just a public wine tasting is now going to become a public wine clubbing event. Instead of tasting wine as the afternoon sun filters in off the bay, attendees of the RAP WINTER PINK event will be tasting wine to the chillout beats of DJs... continue reading


Drinking Pink: Notes From the RAP Pink Out Rose Tasting

When the temperatures are topping out above 90 nearly every day in San Francisco, you know it's hot. The poor folks in the rest of the country are usually anywhere from ten to twenty degrees hotter than we ever get, so we have no reason to complain. But we might have reason to heavily chill some rosé and take off all our clothes. It's no wonder then, that in addition to seeing more publicly bared flesh within the San Francisco city limits than I can remember in a long time, I also found myself at the RAP Pink Out Rosé... continue reading


RAP (Rose Avengers & Producers) Tasting, July 17th, San Francisco

I'll skip all the clichés. You're getting enough of them from the mainstream wine media at this point in the summer. Let's just get right to it: pink wines rock. You might not think so, but you're wrong. And eventually you'll see the light. They're great with food, very tasty, and the good ones don't taste anything like White Zinfandel. Which is why it might be fun for you to join those of us who need no convincing at the second annual Rose Avengers and Producers Pink-Out tasting on July 17. Started by a group of winemakers who had... continue reading


2004 Domaine Rimbert Rosé, Saint Chinian, Languedoc, France

It may be cold as hell in San Francisco right now, and pouring rain earlier in the day, but that doesn't stop me from drinking pink wines. Touted as the savior of summer, and other such nonsense that basically puts these wines on the same level as cold soda pop on a hot day, rosé wines are some of my favorites to pair with a good part of the wide variety of ethnic foods that we eat in the Bay Area on a regular basis. Going out for Mediterranean? Vietnamese? Tapas? I'm much more likely to leave the house with... continue reading


A Whole Lotta Rosé: A Report from The 1st Annual RAP Pink Out

I've just returned (literally) from the RAP (Rosé Advocates and Producers) Pink Out, a first of its kind event here in the Bay area devoted exclusively to the promotion of dry pink wines of all kinds. RAP, like ZAP or any of the other similar organizations, is a marketing co-op of sorts. Membership in the association provides wineries a source of marketing and another opportunity to connect with a particular niche market. Today's tasting (still going on as I write this) took place at Butterfly Restaurant and Lounge on the Embarcadero here in San Francisco, with about 50 producers pouring... continue reading

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