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Are You Canadian? Do you Like Wine? Do You Want A Job?

OK. This is nearly the last straw. I may have to move to Canada. I mean where else do hard earned tax dollars go to something as fantastic as this:

Title: Canadian Wine Coordinator
Location: Ottawa, ON
Salary: $61,312 to $66,287 (AS-05)

Experience Required: Promoting and conveying Canadian wine knowledge to senior management in the Federal Public Service or dignitaries. Experience in designing and delivering wine education training modules and conducting tutored tastings. Experience in working with the Canadian wine industry and major industry associations to support the industry in the promotion of Canadian wines abroad. Experience in building awareness of Canadian wines.

Hello. My Name is Alder. I am from the Canadian Government. Would you prefer red or white this evening?

UPDATE 7/23/04 (4:20 PM PDT): Apparently, the position has been filled, or the posting has been taken down to avoid answering embarassing questions from Canadian taxpayers. I hope one of you got an application off while it was still up.

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