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If Only You Had a Personal Chef….

Want to have a gourmet meal at home that you don’t have to cook, but can’t afford the personal chef? Sure, sure, there’s Waiters on Wheels, but there should be an emphasis on the WAIT part of that name and who wants to hang out for 90 minutes to get food from one of your favorite restaurants delivered cold at your door by a cretin?

A few San Francisco zip codes now have another option, pointed out to us by our friend over at Cooking with Amy: Wally’s Food Company. Apparently, these folks purport to deliver gourmet California/French meals that you order in advance, and simply heat up and eat.

Maybe you want to have a romantic dinner at home for you and your sweetheart but don’t have time or talent to cook it. The idea here is that you order a couple of days in advance, and Wally and his crew deliver the meal in a two hour window, the food packaged and sealed for refrigeration until you’re ready to heat it up and serve. Their menu seems competent, and Amy says it tastes pretty good too. We trust her word on this.

It’s a shame they don’t actually do delivery like your local Pizza joint, or even same day delivery, but who knows, if they’re successful maybe they’ll work up to that.

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