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What Wines Do Americans Drink With Dinner?

I live in a different universe than most wine drinkers in this country. And you do too, most likely, just by virtue of the fact that you’re here reading this blog. But it’s nice, at times to be reminded of what the majority of this country is drinking when it comes to wine. It’s a way of reminding some of us about how privileged we are to be able to drink what we drink, and a good dose of reality when it comes to making assumptions about America’s taste in wine.

Without further ado, here is the list of the top 25 brands of wine that Americans ordered in restaurants last year in order of volume:

1. Beringer Vineyards
2. Franzia Winetaps
3. Sutter Home
4. Copperidge
5. Inglenook
6. Kendall-Jackson
7. Yellow Tail
8. Burlwood
9. Woodbridge
11.William Wycliff
12.Foxhorn Vineyards
13.Glen Ellen
14.Corbett Canyon
16.La Terre
17.Sycamore Lane
18.Paul Masson
19.Martini & Rossi Vermouth
20.Salmon Creek
21.Stone Cellars
22.Ecco Domani
24.Robert Mondavi Private Selection
25.Chateau Ste. Michelle

This according to Restaurant Wine magazine, who compiles the annual report. The study also shows “animal brands” or “fun brands” grew 36% in volume, largely due to the marketing-blitz-in-a-bottle that is Yellow Tail.

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