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Make Sure You’re Drinking With The Right Crowd

We all know that part of the pleasure of a great bottle of wine comes from the folks you share it with. Us wine drinkers tend to be magnanimous types, and happy to drink with anyone who appreciates wine like we do. However, there are dangers inherent in sharing wine that are easy to forget. For instance, you could accidentally decide to have a glass or two with someone who seems nice, like a regular wine loving sort, but who can also turn out to be a murderous psychopath. Wine generally brings out the best in people, but it can also bring out the worst.

What I can’t figure out is exactly what a “cask” of wine actually means in Australian-speak. Maybe my Australian readers can help me out on this one, because the way I read it, this poor guy got killed, not over some expensive bottle, but over a box of wine, and that’s just too pitiful to be believed. Read the full story.

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