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New Feature on Vinography: Subscribe to Comments

This weekend Vinography moved to a new server, which, in addition to offering the benefits of more stability and faster loading and response times, also gave me the opportunity to introduce a new piece of functionality for readers.

Sometimes the chain of comments at the end of my postings here reach 30 or 40 in length. This happens because people actually start having a conversation with each other — responding not only to my posts but also to other comments made by me and other readers.

Up until today, the only way to participate in this dialogue was to keep checking back to the site to see if someone had responded to your comment. This, as those of you who actually did it, is extremely tiresome and boring.

Now there is a solution. Whenever you make a comment on Vinography, you will see that there is a new checkbox as part of the comment form that is labeled “Notify me when anyone replies.”

If you check this box, you will then receive an e-mail to confirm that you wish to be notified of follow up comments to that particular post. All you have to do is click that link and you will be subscribed.

What does subscription to comments mean? Each time anyone posts a comment to that entry, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that a new comment has been posted. Within that e-mail there are links which allow you to return to that entry, as well as links to end your subscription to the topic, should you decide you no longer want to be notified, as well as a link to end ALL your notifications from Vinography, should you have a desire to do so.

NOTE: It is also possible to subscribe to old, already existing posts. Simply locate the post you are interested in (using search or by browsing the site categories) and post a comment to the bottom and check the box for notifications. If you don’t have anything new to say on the topic, simply write “I’m subscribing” as your comment, and I’ll go delete the text later, but you will have successfully signed up to be notified when someone posts something new.

I hope that this new feature will encourage and support the growing sense of community that is building with many of you regular readers, and the result will not only be more and better conversations for you, but a wealth of information and discussion for all readers.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this new functionality.

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