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WBW22 Roundup Has Been Posted

wbw_icon.jpgFeeling like that stuff in your glass is a little too potent? Wish you could drink more than a glass or two of red wine without feeling like you shouldn’t be walking, let alone driving yourself home? Then you might be interested in some wines that are a bit lower in alcohol. Thirty of them to be exact.

Tim over at has posted the roundup of this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday. The theme this month was red wines at or under 12.5% alcohol, which aren’t easy to find these days. But more than thirty bloggers managed to track something down to drink for our virtual wine tasting event.

The choices ranged from traditional first growth Bordeaux to Australian Shiraz (who knew there was any under fifteen percent ?!?) to Canadian Pinot Noir to even North Indian Cabernet.

Check out the roundup for the full details.

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