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Menu For Hope Prizes Announced!

I didn’t win anything, but maybe you did! I’m pleased to announce the wine blog winners of the Menu For Hope III raffle prizes. The names listed below are the names that you put into the First Giving system when you donated. Instructions on how to claim your prize are found after the list of winners, which is what you’re really wishing I’d get on with, right. OK, so without further ado…

   WB01    Dinner with Eric Asimov                    sowalsky     
   WB02    Vinography: Sommelier for a Night          Jennifer J     
   WB03    Wine & Cheese of Sonoma County             Ty & By     
   WB04    Russian River Pinot Noir Pack              Redmen91     
   WB05    10 Wines from Wark Communications          ok     
   WB06    Northwest by Northwest                     EJ     
   WB07    Your Health and Wine                       WLC     
   WB08    Personal Wine Blog Feed                    jlefevere     
   WB09    Your Sommelier for a Night                 VickiA     
   WB10    Bon Vivant Wine Guide                      Katie Glick     
   WB11    Cult Sake and a Sake Bar Tour              talia     
   WB12    The Food and Wine Pairing Bible            Theda E.     
   WB13    Cal-Mid Wine Gift Pack                     ok     
   WB14    the Oxford Companion to Wine               Steve & Marilee     
   WB15    Custom Washington Wine Tour Itinerary      Jerry     
   WB16    Two Ultimate Wine Reference Books          david birenbaum     
   WB17    Taste the Hamptons Wine Basket             sean (sptr)     
   WB18    Big Reds of Long Island                    Tim Elliott     
   WB19    Romantic Getaway for LI Wine Lovers        Debbie     
   WB20    Taste Wines on Long Island                 sean (sptr)     
   WB21    Taste the North Fork of Long Island        Jeffrey Meltzer     
   WB22    Tour of Long Island Wine Country           sean (sptr)     
   WB23    Wine Label Poster from Wine Waves          contrarian     
   WB24    Signed Vertical from Puriri Hills Winery   madman     
   WB25    Rare Cima Collina Wine Package             GBNGUYEN     
   WB26    a day in the vineyard at La Gramière       EmmaB     
   WB27    2 Rare Bottles of Twisted Oak wine         Tim Elliott     
   WB28    1-Year WineQ Memberships                   jlefevere     
   WB29    A Case of Joy                              sarahd     
   WB30    A Taste of Terroir                         Alan     
   WB31    a mixed case of great Austrian wine        Erika Sutton 


1. Visit the blog which hosts the prize or prizes you’ve won (just click on the prize name) and let the blogger know that you’re the lucky winner of his/her fabulous prize.

NOTE: Winners of WB01, WB02, and WB29, and WB31 should contact me.

2. Please be sure to use the same email address you gave us on your donation form. The email address will identify you -and not any other ‘Liz’- as the real winner.

3. You are responsible for contact the blogger and providing him/her with the shipping information so the prize can be mailed to you.

4. Then sit back and wait, your prize should be mailed to you shortly.

Instructions for the donating wine bloggers:

1. Once the prize winner has contacted you, please contact Fatemeh at Gastronomie SF to verify the email address of the winner of each of your prizes.

3. Please ship your prize(s) to the winner(s) promptly.

Got a problem or question? Please contact Fatemeh, me, or as a last resort, Pim.

Congratulations to everyone again for what was the ultimate goal and the amazing success: raising $60,000 for hungry people around the world.

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