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WBW#30 Roundup Posted: New World Syrah

wbw_icon.jpgI’m not sure whether it was the popularity of the grape variety or the popularity of the host, but this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday was the most popular ever. Fifty bloggers and podcasters joined Tim Elliott’s call to review a bottle of New World Syrah.

For those unfamiliar with the WBW event, it is a monthly virtual wine tasting with a theme set by the host blog. Bloggers from all over the world post their wine reviews usually on the first Wednesday of the month, and the host does a wrap up with links to all the participants over the following couple of days.

Tim, who runs Winecast, and who must have spent a lot of time writing up the results (when he wasn’t trying to keep his house from burning down), posted the roundup of all the reviews yesterday and there are some very interesting ones out there. Wines from Australia, California, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Washington State, and British Colombia were reviewed by bloggers in nearly as many countries.

Read the full round-up.

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