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WBW#31 Has Been Announced: Box Wines

wbw_icon.jpgThe date of March 14th has been set for the next edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, the blogosphere’s monthly virtual wine tasting party. The 31st incarnation of the event is being hosted by Roger over at Box Wines, and you’ll be hard pressed to guess what theme he has chosen for the March tasting.

Roger is asking everyone to “think outside the bottle” and come up with a wine that has “alternative packaging” for review in March. I fear that some people will be stuck with Franzia Chablis from their local supermarket. That’s the only reason I can consider myself lucky to have such an assortment of perhaps slightly higher quality wines available to me in alternative packaging here in the bay area.

If I lived in Italy, my choice for this alternative packaging theme would be to find some nearby village where they still sold wine the old fashioned way — in whatever container you wanted them to dispense it into. Which in my case would be a nalgene water bottle.


But I will be a good citizen and go out seeking alternatively packaged wine to try. And I’ll try to avoid getting into an argument about it when I find it.

Find your own box, and blog about it with us on March 14th.

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