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Advanced Bottle Craft

I can’t tell you how many wine bottles I must have recycled at this point in my wine drinking career. The answer is a lot. And just as many corks, too. A few months ago I cam across a gallery of creative options for those who choose to save their corks, some of which were actually interesting. Today provides an example of a (perhaps slightly more involved) option for those who choose to save their wine bottles, too:

Photo credit: Simon de Bruxelles – Times of London

OK, OK, so this isn’t your average hobbycraft here, it’s architecture of the “don’t try this at home” variety.

The darn thing doesn’t look too practical (I’ll bet it gets hot as hell in there). But it does look really cool. Sort of like a space age fort for adults, I’m thinking. Check out the story.

Thanks to Andy at Spittoon.Biz for the heads up on this one.

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