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Wine As Self Defense

I swear you couldn’t possibly make this shit up if you tried. Forget the NRA, next time you happen to come home to someone in a ski mask rifling through your possessions, or when a cadre of armed men break into your private club demanding everyone’s wallets or jewelry, just make sure you offer them a glass of (good) wine before trying other negotiation tactics.

Apparently all it took was a glass of Château Malescot St-Exupéry (a Bordeaux Third Growth estate), a nibble of camembert cheese, and a group hug to prevent a recent robbery in a private home in Washington, D.C.

After bursting into a dinner party brandishing a gun and demanding everyone’s money, when offered a glass of wine by the (very level headed) host, the robber was purported to say “Damn. That’s good wine!” After taking a nibble of cheese and then requesting (and receiving!!!) a group hug from the assembled guests, the robber fled.

There’s got to be at least one t-shirt slogan hidden in this little incident. Bordeaux Not Burglars, anyone?

Thanks to Jathan at Winexpression for the tip-off to the story.

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