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Vinography Aroma Card Now Available in Japanese

Vinography aroma card

When I published the Vinography Aroma Card two years ago I had no idea that it was going to be such a hit. I had been thinking of doing it as a little project for years after getting fed up with seeing all these aroma and flavor guides set up as round wheels in a way that made absolutely no sense to me.

I guess I wasn’t alone in that frustration. Apparently no one else in the world has a round wallet either. The original card has been downloaded thousands of times since it was posted a couple of years ago.

Today I’m happy to announce that it has been translated into its seventh language, Japanese, thanks to the generous assistance of Mami Ishikawa, who is both a a fellow wine blogger, and the author of an upcoming book (in Japanese) about her life in San Francisco and her adventures with California wine.

Japanese presented a host of challenges for translation. Not only because a number of the flavors and aromas are not shared between cultures, but also because many of the actual names of fruits and other foodstuffs in Japanese utilize somewhat obscure Kanjii characters, and are better rendered using more modern Hiragana characters. This version also offered the opportunity to add some flavors that are particular to Japan, including yuzu, nori, dashi, and mitsuba.

This Japanese version joins the German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese versions that are already on offer.

If you find this card valuable, I’d like to ask for a voluntary donation. Most other such tools are about five bucks plus shipping (OK, so theirs are laminated). Give me a dollar or three or five, but if you like it and use it, I’d love a token of your appreciation. You can do so by clicking on the donate button below.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy these cards and find them useful in your wine tasting.


Japanese: color | b&w
Deutsche: color | b&w
Portuguese: color | b&w
Français: color | b&w
English: color | b&w
Español: color | b&w
Italiano: color | b&w

If you want to publish the card elsewhere, feel free to link directly to the PDFs here at Vinography, but please do not host the documents on your site. If everyone points to these, I can keep them updated so everyone gets the latest copy.

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