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A Book for the Wine Lover That Hates to Read

A lot of wine books get published every year, and not many of them are very good, especially for wine lovers that would rather drink than read about wine. Even the well written ones fail to satisfy in one department — they don’t taste very good.

Perhaps this is what the publisher Kraken Opus was thinking when they came up with the idea for their newest wine book: The Wine Opus. Either that or they have a sinister plot to give hernias to the world’s richest wine lovers — at least those that do their own lifting.

Decanter magazine reports
that The Wine Opus, which is scheduled to be published in 2010 and which will showcase the world’s top 100 wines, will weigh in at 850 pages and roughly 66 pounds, vastly exceeding the heaviest book that I own, The Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture (a measly 16 pounds).

But wait, there’s more. In addition to the bragging rights to owning a book that you can get a workout while reading, you get six bottles of each wine mentioned in the book.

Yes, you heard that right. When you buy this wine book, it comes with six hundred bottles of wine. And it will only cost you (put your pinkie finger next to you mouth) one million dollars.

While they were at it, I’m surprised they didn’t get Damien Hirst to create a diamond encrusted cover and sell it for $10 Million.

The book is available for pre-order, and any copies not reserved in advance will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

I’m just wondering what I need to do to get a review copy delivered by forklift.

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