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Introducing The Essence of Wine Book

Almost two years ago now, I began a collaboration with superstar food photographer Leigh Beisch that I called The Essence of Wine. The premise was simple. I wanted to celebrate some of the mystery and beauty of wine through gorgeous images of the various aromas and flavors in wine.

The resulting feature on Vinography has been one of the most talked about elements of Vinography for some time. Many of you readers have eagerly awaited the results of each new photo shoot.

And ever since the series began, some of you have been asking for a book. Today I’m happy to say, I’m prepared to sell you one.

A rough mockup of the book to test print quality. NOT the final design.

This morning, I launched a Kickstarter project that will help me publish a stunning hardback coffee table book called The Essence of Wine: Celebrating the Delights of the Palate.

I won’t repeat the content of the Kickstarter project here, you can visit the site to see the video and read all about it.

But the idea is simple. For $70 you can pre-order the book ($30 for the eBook version). By raising money on Kickstarter I can help pay for a designer, a copy editor and the extended print run that will let me take what is a very expensive book to print and make it reasonably affordable.

I’ve fallen in love with every new image that Leigh and her art director Sara Slavin have produced for this series, and I can’t wait to see them all collected together in a single volume that you can flip through with a glass of wine in hand.

I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering the book via Kickstarter, or if not, lending your support in some smaller amount to help me make this project a reality or simply by spreading the word in your social channel of choice.

Learn more and pledge today on Kickstarter.

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