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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 3/1/20

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

What Wine Twitter Taught Me About Wine
Nice coverage of a brief tempest in a Twittercup.

Soave’s Volcanic Revival
Go volcanic!

The building blocks of Louis Roederer’s Cristal
How the icon gets made.

Overextended North Coast vintners face credit challenges amid lower wine values
Too much wine, too few buyers.

Burgundy’s Sherlock Holmes
An old article, recently made free to read.

A brand new cru bourgeois classification
14 Exceptionelles.

Anson: New Cru Bourgeois ranking – will it hold up?
Jane has opinions.

Taking the Long Road with Jamie Kutch of Kutch Wines
A nice profile of Kutch.

Antiquity Meets Modernity In Alentejo, Resulting In Outstanding Wine
A primer from Michelle Williams.

A Taster’s Notes: My Path to Minerality
A very nice piece.

As low-end wine prices fall, premium varieties likely won’t budge
Yes, but will they sell?

‘Prosecco Police’ Try to Decline Sparkling Wine ‘ATM’
What a buzzkill.

French winemakers say tariffs risk 100,000 jobs
Not just US complaining.

Misconception That Riesling Doesn’t Sell: Advocates at Anderson Valley Festival Say Riesling Wins Young Drinkers
Hmmm. Show me the numbers.

Rioja’s leap into the new decade
Just slightly delayed thanks to Coronavirus.

Facing the Headwinds and Forging a Path Forward for Wine
Steve Turnbull comments.

Maynard James Keenan
A profile of the rocker turned winemaker.

Minerality in wine – scientific fact or gut feeling?
Kate Hawkings covers the discussion.

Interview: Jonatan García Lima, Suertes del Marqués
Revitalizing Tenerife.

France’s “Disco Wines” Are Not Dead
Jon Bonné doing what he does so well in Gaillac.

Inside Vladimir Putin’s Outrageous Underground Wine Cellar In Moldova
Cellar of kings.

Glass dismissed?
Jancis advocates.

Bottles, corks, forests and flights continued
And the data to back it up.

Giving Rosso di Montalcino a Second Look
But not liking what he sees, says Eric Asimov.

Wine Thieves Target DRC in Restaurant Raids
When things get valuable enough…

How Will the New Coronavirus Impact the Restaurant and Wine Industries?

Climate change: Warm winter ruins German ice wine harvest
And we’re in the earliest Spring in 100 years say some in California.

Do wine critics matter any more?
About as much as film critics.

How reliable are wine judges?
Great, except when it comes to Brett.

A Barolo Legend Falls In Love With A Native White Wine
Timorasso triumphant.

SF startup is making synthetic wine in a lab. Here’s how it tastes
Esther is impressed.

North Korea’s Most Wanted Wines
Very interesting story.

Frank Pastori, Geyserville wine pioneer, dies at 100
Another of the old guard down.

Wine in a Time of Coronavirus
Jim Boyce is in China reporting.

Wine Critics Failing to Entertain
Here we are now, entertainers, acting stupid.

Silver Oak Toppled at Premiere Napa Auction
Two years does not a dynasty make.

Tips from the Top: Jancis Robinson’s best wine addresses in London
AKA the wine lover’s guide to London.

Wine’s Higher-Strength Tariff Solution
A little more alcohol and a little less integrity.

Wine Decline Would Be Enough for France’s Grape Gurus to See Red
France is not the best market for its own wine.

The Relentless Rise of Restaurant Wine Margins
James Lawrence sees a ceiling.

Chemical Weed Killer Is Compatible With Sustainability Certification In California’s Wine Industry
A damn shame.

India’s Wine Country: A Charming Work in Progress
And progress is good. A long story.

Why The World’s Wines Have Improved During The Past 30 Years
Tom Mullen explains.

How to Mix Wine and Travel in Sicily
A Paen to the Tascas.

Prowein cancelled due to coronavirus fears
Not the first, and not the last big event to fall to fears of pandemic.

Martha Stoumen’s one-woman natural wine revolution
Martha keeps truckin’.

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