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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/10/20


Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Re-usable Nanoparticles the Secret to Clear White Wine
Can’t I have my own, private nanoparticles?

Over 250 Million Bottles’ Worth of French Wine Will Be Distilled into Industrial Alcohol
A bit more than a drop in the bucket.

Epidemic causes big setback to imported wine business
From the Chinese importer’s point of view.

Will the coronavirus destroy smallest wineries?
Great feature on the hardships of the pandemic.

New Motherhood While Working In Wine: An Update During COVID-19
As if it weren’t hard enough on its own.

Tracking the Great Lockdown Wine Boom
Don Kavanaugh has some numbers to share.

Wine struggles to speak to most people
Jamie Goode drinks with punters.

Chalk: Wine’s White Gold
Blimey, limey.

Forbidden Fruit: Multi-vintage Wine Blends
Nothing wrong with them if they taste good.

Australian Wine Producers Have Been Mislabeling This Variety for Over 40 Years
Just a petit mistake. Or a gros one, as the case may be.

A Global Guide to Sémillon, A White Wine with Incredible Range
Lauren Mowery goes ‘round the world with this white.

Million-dollar convoy of Oregon wine delivers smiles to coronavirus caregivers
Yay for Oregon Wine!

Digital Wine Sales are Booming, And Some Wonder if They’ll Last
People stick to what they’re used to.

Pablo Chevrot, Of Les Aligoteurs, On Burgundy’s Other White Wine
Their logo is the BEST. Wine’s not bad either.

Pennsylvania’s Emerging Wine Scene Surprises Even Those Closest to It
You’ve come a long way, baby.

How to Drink Like a 16th-Century German or 1920s Frenchman: Two Forgotten Wine Books Rereleased!
Large quantities. Use metaphors. No fruit.

Wineries Sue Over Cannabis Operation
I’m betting on arson next.

What will Bay Area wineries look like after coronavirus? ‘Very different,’ industry expert says
Rob McMillan knows.

The Grapelord of Napa Faces a Threat Worse Than Plague
Um, and that would be… dropping sales?

Turning the Tables on Amy Glynn
Interviewing the interviewers.

Austria’s Wachau Gets Protected Wine Status
Well deserved.

Champagne Maker Conned Out of Fizz Fortune by ’Secret Agent’
This is an amazing, tragic story.

Toward a New Lexicon for American Wine
Meg offers some compelling words.

Natural wine in Texas? A wild, fluid concept still
When Evan Meador speaks, I listen.

Possible solutions to the 2019 en primeur conundrum
How to get fancy wines to fancy people.

Lockdown wines – whites and rosés
Jancis on what she’s drinking in self-isolation.

Pandemic makes winery buyers skittish about buying grapes during upcoming harvest
If they can’t be harvested, no one’s gonna buy them.

With 25 Years of Experience in California, Legendary Wine Consultant Philippe Melka Is Also Well Positioned to Look Ahead at the Industry’s Future
A Melka profile

Sonoma Wineries Are Itching to Open Up Their Doors and Invite Back Visitors
No kidding. Godspeed.

America’s Wine Drinkers Stay Strong
A survey shows we’re all day-drinking a lot more.  Duh.

The Polarizing Power of Orange Wine
Eric Asimov charts the rise of the phenomenon.

California’s Cabernet Glut Deepens
Blake Gray listens to the economists.

Why Chardonnay Fans Should Consider Godello
Jameson Fink offers his advocacy.

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