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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 7/26/20


Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Israeli Archaeologists Reveal Secrets of Ancient Desert Wine Industry
Irrigation was pretty amazing.

A Chat with an Interesting Man
Terry Theise chats with wine retail guy Sam Davies.

This Cork Producer Makes Wines That Highlight Indigenous Portuguese Grapes
AKA cork producer actually does something interesting.

The Simple Truth about Complexity in Wine
Not so simple.

Work Visa Restrictions Crimp The U.S. 2020 Wine Grape Harvest
Time to consider a harvest internship.

Long, Slow Road to Recovery for U.S. Wine
So says the wine economist.

South Africa’s wine industry faces collapse
When you can’t sell your product, then what do you do?

A SWOT analysis of going ‘wild’
Ambient fermentation, pros and cons.

How do organics and biodynamics affect a vineyard’s carbon footprint?
A very interesting question.

Joe Fattorini: Your glass or mine?
Joe, clever as always.

Ntsiki Biyela – taking charge
A superhero in South Africa shares her optimism.

Buying a vineyard property in Tuscany: What are the options?
Don’t make Sting’s mistake.

After reopening rollbacks, Napa Valley tasting room visitation comes in waves
Hopefully not a second wave.

Cypriot vines could prove fruitful for Australian growers
From the heat into the heat.

As they swallow up lesser estates, are classed growths undermining the 1855 classification?
Jane Anson contemplates the question.

Chinese ambition, non-Chinese value
Luxury Chinese wine may have already jumped the shark.

Iron Horse Vineyards co-founder Barry Sterling dies at 90
A pioneer gone after a long and full life.

California Sparkling Wine Pioneer Barry Sterling, Founder of Iron Horse Vineyards, Dies at 90
And the Spectator Obit as well.

2016 Was the Perfect Year, at Least in Italy’s Barolo Wine Country
Buy, says Elin McCoy.

Forgotten chapters of California history, in two long-neglected wines
Drink adventurously, with Esther.

Clean Wine Has A Messaging Problem: My Opinion
You don’t say?

Scientists root out wine blight genome sequence
DNA tells us what we already knew.

These Black Women In Wine Are Redefining The Industry
Profiles of a few prominent ladies.

Dry Spell Ahead for Château Climens
I’m sure it’s delicious.

Will Coronavirus Kill Off South Africa’s Wine Industry?
Entirely? Probably not. But how many years will it be set back?

Prohibition threatens wine industry’s survival
Here’s the view from South Africa.

Is Natural Wine A Millennial Con?
Let’s read about wine from non-wine pubs and non-wine writers.

This South African Region Is Producing Award-Winning Wines That Won’t Break the Bank (Yet)
Great values for the Robb Report include wines over $150 (!)

Costing Covid’s Impact on Wine
The cost won’t be countable for some time.

Here’s What It’s Like to Be Black in the Lily-White Wine Industry
Mother Jones offers perspective.

$100 Million International Crime Ring Busted for Making Wine with Corn Syrup
That’s a lot of corn syrup.

In Santa Barbara Battle Between Cannabis and Wine, Grand Jury Reprimands County Supervisors
Sounds like someone had the inside track.

How to Understand the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Aromas in Wine
A primer.

Of Wine, Hand Gel and Heartbreak
Have you heard the term “Crisis Distillation?”

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