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Wine From Here Natural Wine Fair: April 2, Richmond, CA

In case you haven’t noticed, natural wine is having a moment. Regardless of whether you agree it’s the next big thing or not, it’s definitely all the rage, and there are some excellent wines being made with an orientation to natural, low intervention, zero-zero, or whatever you want to call it.

But other than natural wine bars (which are popping up like crocuses in the spring around here) there aren’t many opportunities to taste a lot of natural wines side by side (and spit). What’s more, most of these wine bars, and even the natural wine fairs that occasionally happen in New York, often feature mostly European producers.

There are, of course, plenty of wineries producing natural wines here in California, and you would think that the emphasis on eating local, supporting local producers, and reducing carbon footprints, etc. would translate to a greater emphasis on domestic natural wine.

Enter Wine From Here, a public wine-tasting event focused on the intersection of two things:

Natural wine and cider producers from primarily the western U.S. (with a few from New York and other states) will be on hand at the Subject to Change Wine Co. in Richmond on Sunday, April 2nd pouring their wares for anyone interested.

Here’s the lineup:

Absentee, Ashkahn, Ashanta, Bardos, Caleb Leisure, Cote des Cailloux, Clos Saron, En Cavale, Emme, Ellsworth, Etteilla, Dorsal, Fargosonini, Florez, French Town, Iruia, Glassmaker Wine Co., Margins, Marioni, North American Press, Old World Winery, Les Lunes, Llewelyne, Purity, Phelan Farms, R. O’neil Latta, VDC, Buddy Buddy, Lassen, Conner O’Connor, and more.

Jess Miller, Hiyu, Buona Notte

North Carolina

New York
Accordion, Behemoth, Usonia, Wild Arc

Cactus Cru

There will be food and coffee vendors on site from whom you can buy a bite to eat, or a cup of clear-your-head after the tasting.

If you’re a natural wine fan, or if you’re just curious to see what the fuss is all about, this will be an excellent event for you to expand your palate and discover some new wines.

Wine From Here Natural Wine Fair
Sunday, April 2, 2023
12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Subject to Change Wine Company
1387 Marina Way S #500
Richmond, CA 94804

This location is just opposite the Richmond Ferry terminal, making it just a quick boat ride from San Francisco, for those who don’t want to drive. Tickets, which cost $55, should be purchased in advance online.

If you want to go and enjoy yourself and drink a bunch of wine, please take public transportation or rideshare. But if you want to really learn something, I recommend a good night’s sleep, a full belly, and spitting your wine as you go.

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