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I’ll Drink to That: Ukrainian Wine

There’s a new episode available of I’ll Drink to That. Episode 491 features conversations with three Ukrainians about the wine being made amidst the warfare in Ukraine. Alla Plachkova of Kolonist Wines, Sergiy Klimov, the author of the book The Untold Story of Ukrainian Wine, and Anna Gorkun of the 46 Parallel Wine Group join the podcast program to share their perspectives on the recent renaissance of quality winemaking in Ukraine, a renaissance that has collided with the hard realities of invasion, war, and threats to life and property.

Ukraine contains stark contrasts, as the invasion of the country and the annexation of its lands have unexpectedly prompted a quality wine resurgence. Wherein the past the majority of the wine produced in Ukraine had previously been sold to Russia, the new reality in the country has led to a search for new markets, and a corresponding rise in quality wine production. The number of wineries in Ukraine has grown at a fast pace, and no one really knows how many wineries there exactly are in the country at this time. But this rise in wine quality and quantity has also been countered by the destruction and looting of wineries, whose cellars have been robbed of wines and whose facilities have been destroyed. Ukraine has both the excitement of a rapidly improving wine zone, and the total and shocking fear that the worst outcomes may await the people and the businesses there.

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