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I’ll Drink to That!: Alicia Towns Franken’s Wine Life

There’s a new episode of I’ll Drink to That!. Episode 494 features Alicia Towns Franken, a Co-Founder of Towns Wine Co. and the Executive Director of Wine Unify.

What if you got your dream job, delivered successful results for years, had an amazing time at work, built a community amongst co-workers and clients, grew personally from the experience, and then realized many years later that fewer and fewer people who looked like yourself were getting the same opportunity? How might you feel about that? How might you respond? This question is at the heart of this conversation with Alicia Towns Franken. Alicia shares memories of her upbringing, her introduction to wine, and her previous job as the Head Sommelier at Grill 23 & Bar in Boston, Massachusetts. She candidly discusses the good times as well as the challenges. She assesses her successful career in a frank yet entertaining way. Then she wonders if she would get the same job today, a question that she isn’t sure of the answer to. The real tension of this interview lies in that uncertainty, and the reasons surrounding it. This conversation is both a celebration and a challenge to everyone listening to try to do better for the next generation.

Episode 494 is available on many listening platforms, including at these links:

I’ll Drink to That!, one of the world’s top wine podcasts, is hosted by Levi Dalton. Levi has had a long career working as a sommelier in some of the most distinguished and acclaimed dining rooms in America. He has served wine to guests of Restaurant Daniel, Masa, and Alto, all in Manhattan. Levi has also contributed articles on wine themes to publications such as The Art of Eating, Wine & Spirits magazine, Bon Appetit online, and Eater NY. Check out his pictures on Instagram and follow him on Twitter: @leviopenswine

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