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If It's Good Enough For Monkeys...

apeandvino.jpgNot that I really need any more excuses to pop a cork. But if you're looking to rationalize with anyone about that next bottle you're about to open, you can now say that the Hungarian apes recommended it. Or perhaps more correctly, Hungarian zookeepers. Apparently the apes and monkeys at the Budapest Zoo go through 55 liters (a little more than 6 cases) of red wine a year. That seems far too little to me, only a little more than a bottle per week for the entire primate population of 11, but apparently the monkeys don't need too much. "it's mainly good for their blood cells" say the zookeepers, who mix it into their tea at mealtimes.

When pushed for the apes' favorite vintages or producers, the zoo staff were reportedly a bit cagey, insisting that the wine they serve was just ordinary table wine, and that they didn't even break out a nice Biklaver for special occasions. I suppose the apes can totally forget about getting any Tokaji, not even 1 puttonyo.

Read the full story. Thanks to reader Tyler Pierce for the link.

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Joe wrote:
05.22.06 at 10:06 PM

How funny. I found my long lost brothers. Here's the story:

A few months ago, I had one of those nights where I started off trying a couple of wines I hadn't had before, which led to playing pool and drinking Guiness, and me calling my girlfriend to say I was going out with boys, which led to some unknown shots and some more Guiness and me calling my girlfriend a couple of more times to say I'd be home soon....and more of the same until, um, well, let's say 3am-ish. On a Tuesday. I had a meeting at 8am.

So, when I got home at let's say 3am-ish, I thought 'Well, I can't go to bed smelling like cigarettes and Guiness', so I took a shower. A noisy shower. And I was hungry. So I cooked some food. Some noisy food. And Bush was doing a bad job as president. A noisy bad job as president. The bastard!

Suffice to say, my girlfriend, awoke around, um, I don't know, let's call it 5am-ish. I have a meeting at 8am. She's not happy. Not only because I woke her up at let's say 5am-ish, but also because I was not mad at myself for opening a bottle of Antinori at 4am-ish (did I foget to mention that part?) and I had a meeting at 8am (no 'ish'), and I should have been mad at myself for staying up all night 'drinking'. So she took care of the getting mad part for me. Thanks, honey!

Anyhow, around 6am-ish she finally convinced me that I really hadn't had a lot of fun last night and that all the laughing and joking and smiling was really a bad thing and something about not being able to live like this forever. Feeling guilty and coaxed into a corner, I said 'You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm a horrible boyfriend....but, on the brighter side, I'd make a FANTASTIC monkey'. Now I know it's true.

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