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Best Brunch in San Francisco

Brunch is about indulgence. There’s nothing quite so gratifying as sleeping as late as you want on the weekend, and

San Francisco Wine Bar: The Bubble Lounge

There’s definitely something to be said for finding your niche and sticking with it. For nearly 10 years the Bubble

Restaurant Review: Kanda Yabusoba, Tokyo

Reviewing some Japanese restaurants presents a bit of a challenge in that the food so deceptively simple, that one is

San Francisco Wine Bar: Terroir Natural Wine Merchant

I derive a particular joy from the fact that the city of San Francisco is finally beginning to live up

Bay Area Michelin Stars for 2008

If only the Oscars™ were released with this little fanfare each year, we might all get on with our lives

San Francisco Wine Bar: Pres a Vi

There have been only two times in my life when I seriously wished that I worked at Industrial Light and

San Francisco Wine Bar: Parea

One of the enduring mysteries of San Francisco will always be why in the world it took the Mission so

San Francisco Wine Bar: Hotel Biron

You would think that findability might be a required virtue of any good wine bar, but for the past few

San Francisco Wine Bar: WINE Bar and Shop

You know how they’re always fixing up the neighborhood after you leave? This always seems to be happening to me.

San Francisco Wine Bar: Amelie le Bar a Vin

Every neighborhood deserves a wine bar, and more and more these days, it seems like every San Francisco ‘hood has

San Francisco Wine Bar: The Hidden Vine

The atmosphere of wine bars can vary as wildly as the flavors and aromas of wine, ranging from pub-like and

San Francisco Wine Bar: Bacchus

There are no achievement awards for San Francisco wine bars, other than my reviews here on Vinography, but if there

San Francisco Wine Bar: Winestar California Wine Merchant

Even though it has only been open for a couple of years in its current location, the Winestar wine bar

San Francisco Wine Bar: Incanto Restaurant and Wine Bar

One of the best wine bars in San Francisco is mostly overlooked. That’s because most people think of it only

San Francisco Wine Bar: Que Syrah

Every neighborhood needs a wine bar. The world would be a be a better place if we all had one.

San Francisco Wine Bar: Nectar Wine Lounge

I don’t spend much time in San Francisco’s Marina District. It’s quite the hike across the city for me from

San Francisco Wine Bar: District

I should have known better than to try to go to District on opening night after seeing it featured in

San Francisco Wine Bar: Vino Venue

After living in Japan for a couple of years I’ve remained convinced that a lot more things should be sold

San Francisco Wine Bar: VinoRosso

In my utopian future, every neighborhood has its own little wine bar where locals can congregate to share a glass

San Francisco Wine Bar: Rouge et Blanc

Located just outside the Grant street gate to Chinatown and next to the utterly hip Hotel Triton, just a stone’s

San Francisco Wine Bar: Yield

San Francisco has seen an explosion in wine bars in the last six to eight months. Thankfully these newcomers have

San Francisco Wine Bar: CAV

I’ve long wished for a warm place to sit while I inevitably end up waiting for a table at San

San Francisco Wine Bar: The London Wine Bar

Every wine bar needs to have something to make it different from all the others. Not all have a claim

San Francisco Wine Bar: EOS

If you live in Cole Valley, or you work at UCSF, there’s only one real choice for a glass of

San Francisco Wine Bar: The Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant Bar

Regular readers will know what a fan I am of the Ferry Plaza Marketplace, or the “San Francisco Gourmet Trap”

San Francisco Wine Bar: Ottimista Enoteca and Cafe

I’m really surprised it that it took until 2005 to get a real wine bar opened on Union Street in

San Francisco Wine Bar: Bacar

Occasionally I find myself saying a silent “thank you” to the vagaries of fate that kept Bacar from going the

New Zealand Restaurants: Impressions and Recommendations

Some readers have asked about the food and restaurants in New Zealand, and really there’s only one, maybe two restaurants

Announcing The Michelin Guide Ratings to San Francisco

There’s a new restaurant ratings authority in San Francisco as of this morning. Today marks the release of the Michelin

Wine, New York, and Web 2.0

When it comes to the Internet, I’m sandwiched between skeptic and cynic with a little bit of realist included along

Restaurant Review: Sucre, Buenos Aires

There’s a variety of hipness that’s universally understood in the early twenty first century, at least among first-world nations. Expressed

Special SF Meal Deals in July Courtesy of Visa

As a San Francisco food lover, I always look forward to January when Dine Around Town gives us all a

Restaurant Review: Range, San Francisco

If orange is the new black, then small is the new big when it comes to San Francisco restaurants. Over

Thoughts On The Chronicle’s Top Restaurants

While I was away in Argentina a couple of weeks ago, the San Francisco Chronicle came out with their annual

Restaurant Review: Cabaña Las Lilas, Buenos Aires

If there’s not already a saying, there should be one, and it would go something like this: “You can eat

Restaurant Review: Cambalache, Buenos Aires

A friend of mine has a theory which is best expressed as “every culture has its version of burrito.” He

Restaurant Review: Ame, San Francisco

I was very excited when I learned that Starwood Resorts was going to be opening a new property in downtown

Cheap(er) Good Eats in San Francisco: Dine About Town

January is one of my favorite months in San Francisco. No, not because I’m some sort of hydrophilic masochist who

The World’s Priciest Meals? Hardly.

Short of the Robb Report, which is really a magazine for those who aspire to be rich, there’s no magazine

The Michelin Stars of New York

Perhaps the most anticipated publishing of dining related information in the last several years, the Michelin guide has just released

Chicago Wine & Food Festival: October 21, 22, 2005

Before the wind starts to blow cold off the lake and your eyeballs want to crack and fall out of