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That Heat Dome: How Are Vines Coping?

On 29 June, as the so-called heat dome settled over British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon, the weather station near the Red

Dominik Sona

I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker Dominik Sona

Episode 487 of I’ll Drink to That! features winemaker Dominik Sona of Koehler-Ruprecht. Koehler-Ruprecht is a winery located in the

back label of Mayacamas kosher wine

Napa Goes Kosher

I’m a particularly bad (read: unobservant and unbelieving) Jew, but I’ve written my share of articles on kosher wines over

The Best Way to Preserve An Open Bottle of Wine

One of the top queries on Google that brings people to this site is one of a number of variations

California Runs Dry

Over the last year or two, the ubiquitous two-word phrase ‘climate change’ has, with increasing frequency, been replaced with the

Vaccinating Wine Country

A palpable sense of relief has descended upon northern California wine country. On Wednesday 7 April the counties of Napa,

George Skouras

I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker George Skouras

Episode 486 of I’ll Drink to That! features George Skouras of Domaine Skouras. Domaine Skouras is a winery located in

During the Pandemic, Corkage is a Crime

I didn’t think I needed to write this article. Esther Mobley of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a spot-on piece

wine glass

Wine Tariffs to Be Replaced by Wine Glass Tariffs?!

First they came for our imported wines and sparkling wines. With a herculean effort and a bit of luck we

Robert Vifian

I’ll Drink To That: Chef Robert Vifian

Episode 485 of I’ll Drink to That! features Chef Robert Vifian. Robert is the chef and co-owner of Tan Dinh,

Roberta Bricolo

I’ll Drink to That: All About Lake Garda

Episode 484 of I’ll Drink to That! features a deep dive into Italy’s Lake Garda, and the wines produced along

wine being poured

Wine Aerators: $336.9 Million Worth of Bullsh*t

So the saying goes: “A fool and his money are soon parted.” We might be the species that has taken

empty husk

Wine Bloggers: An Endangered Species

I think I finally know how my wife’s grandmother felt. A year or two before she passed at the age

ice on a table

Frozen Wine in Texas

It’s being called by some ‘the St Valentine’s day massacre’. Starting on 9 February, a cold front descended on the

Françoise Vannier

I’ll Drink To That: Geologist Françoise Vannier

Episode 483 of I’ll Drink to That! features Françoise Vannier, a French geologist who has made a multi-decade study of

Great News: Wine Tariffs Get 4-month Suspension

What’s that sound? No, not all those Champagne corks popping. The other sound. Yes, it’s the sound of every wine

We cannot wait to see you again

If We Want Restaurants to Survive, Here’s What We Need to Do

No one needs to be told that the pandemic has severely impacted the restaurant industry—at least, no one that eats

Spruce Restaurant

Restaurant Wine Evolves to Survive

By this point, every one of us has used up the euphemisms for just how far from normal we find

Lorenzo Accomasso

I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker Lorenzo Accomasso

Episode 482 of I’ll Drink to That! features legendary Barolo producer Lorenzo Accomasso, along with a deep lesson in the history of