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Ingredient Labeling In Prospect in the US

On the heels of new EU requirements to make ingredient and allergen information available to consumers on wine labels (enforceable from 8

The R-Word

It’s the time of year for reflecting on the past and planning for the future. But the American wine industry

The 2022 Vinography Gift Guide for Your Favorite Wine Lover

It’s that time of year again. It remains to be seen just how badly the hangover of supply-chain disruptions will

Dispell That Thanksgiving Wine Anxiety

The American Thanksgiving holiday always brings with it a predictable set of responses. Americans fret over what wine to serve

Unexpected Blends

The combination of ongoing climate chaos and the shifting demographics of wine drinkers have driven some California wine producers to

Tastebuds Suck! Long Live The Olfactory Bulb

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter will know that I’ve recently returned from a press trip

Hey Colorado, Join the 21st Century!

I know, it’s scary. Change is so daunting. And voting for it is even more so. I know you’re worried

“Blind Ambition” Is the Wine Movie the World Needs Right Now

People of my generation will always remember the infamous Jamaican bobsled team. The unlikely story of four guys from the

New Rules For Serving Alcohol

In California, where I live, it is illegal for me to be served alcohol by someone whose attire exposes the

Americanization or Improvement? Tailoring Wine for Export

I spend a good deal of time traveling to wine regions around the world, tasting and talking. My interests in

Pix Wasn’t the Only Wine Tech Failure I’ve Seen Up-Close

If you’re lucky, you’ve been blissfully unaware of the hullabaloo (mostly on Twitter) surrounding my recent column for Jancis Robinson

Pix—The Inside Story

American wine isn’t keeping up with the digital technology revolution, and it hasn’t been for a long while. I’m not

Inflation Looms for CA Wine

In last month’s column, I covered the rise in California’s grape prices in the wake of disastrous fires and two light vintages,

Volatile Times for CA Wine

In late summer of 2020, Steve Sangiacomo was excited. The vintage was shaping up to be an exceptional one. But

Sean Thackrey Has Left The Cellar

Known for ironically wearing a vest emblazoned with the phrase ‘famous winemaker’, the iconoclastic California winemaker Sean Thackrey passed away

I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker Patrick Campbell

There’s a new episode of I’ll Drink to That! available. Episode 490 features a conversation with Patrick Campbell, the former

How Flashy is American Wine?

A slowly growing number of American winemakers are relying on the winemaking equivalent of a secret weapon. It doesn’t feature

PURE Lies: Winemaker Adam Lee Puts a ‘Clean Wine’ to the Test

Today I’m publishing an article written by winemaker Adam Lee, founder of Siduri Wines and owner of the Clarice Wine

Napa – Small Scale, Big Change

For more than 80 years, the journey up Highway 29 into Napa Valley has begun with the same view. To