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California’s Other White Wines

Variety is the spice of life, so they say, yet most consumers tend to stick to the tried and true

I’ll Drink to That!: Alicia Towns Franken’s Wine Life

There’s a new episode of I’ll Drink to That!. Episode 494 features Alicia Towns Franken, a Co-Founder of Towns Wine

I’ll Drink to That!: Neil Empson Shifted Gears Into Wine

There’s a new episode of the I’ll Drink to That! podcast. Episode 493 features Neil Empson, the founder of Empson

Nicolas Joly

True Wine or Cold Cleverness: Thoughts from Nicolas Joly

For many people in the world of wine, Nicolas Joly needs no introduction. But the average wine lover may not

Your Health and Wine

When I first began writing about wine back in 2004, I made it a point to share news stories about

I’ll Drink To That!: Jean-Emmanuel Simond Does Not Like Your White Wine

There’s a new episode available of I’ll Drink to That! Episode 492 features wine writer and critic Jean-Emmanuel Simond. A grandfather’s

Introducing the Old Vine Registry

With great pride and excitement, I’d like to announce the launch of the Old Vine Registry, the world’s largest and

California’s Chilly SLO Coast

The phrase ‘hidden gem’ has been horribly over-used as an introduction to wine regions throughout the globe for decades. But

I’ll Drink to That: Ukrainian Wine

There’s a new episode available of I’ll Drink to That. Episode 491 features conversations with three Ukrainians about the wine

Is Underground Cellar the next Premier Cru?

Wounds have not yet healed for many people who lost thousands of dollars of wine due to the fraudulent activities

Is Wine About To Have Its Next Sideways Moment?

There are two incontrovertible truths when it comes to the movie Sideways. The first is that it has now been

ChatGPT, Wine Writing, and Sommelier Education

Much hay has been made in recent weeks as the wine world grapples with the implications of ChatGPT specifically, and

Drink for Good: Buying Wine for Social Impact

Sometimes it feels like we’re all going somewhere in a handbasket, and very fast. Bad things are happening all over

The Definitive List of Latinx-Owned Wineries in America

To your average wine drinker, they are invisible. Just as they are to your average lettuce eater. But make no

The Definitive List of Black-Owned Wineries Around the Globe

It has been amazing to watch the shift in wine news coverage in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and

Representation Matters in Wine Stock Photography

Two years ago, any search in a stock photography database for a phrase along the lines of “people drinking wine”

The Wine Industry is Headed For Self-Inflicted Decrepitude

They say that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. It seems like we’re

Ingredient Labeling In Prospect in the US

On the heels of new EU requirements to make ingredient and allergen information available to consumers on wine labels (enforceable from 8

The R-Word

It’s the time of year for reflecting on the past and planning for the future. But the American wine industry