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Volatile Times for CA Wine

In late summer of 2020, Steve Sangiacomo was excited. The vintage was shaping up to be an exceptional one. But

Sean Thackrey Has Left The Cellar

Known for ironically wearing a vest emblazoned with the phrase ‘famous winemaker’, the iconoclastic California winemaker Sean Thackrey passed away

I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker Patrick Campbell

There’s a new episode of I’ll Drink to That! available. Episode 490 features a conversation with Patrick Campbell, the former

How Flashy is American Wine?

A slowly growing number of American winemakers are relying on the winemaking equivalent of a secret weapon. It doesn’t feature

PURE Lies: Winemaker Adam Lee Puts a ‘Clean Wine’ to the Test

Today I’m publishing an article written by winemaker Adam Lee, founder of Siduri Wines and owner of the Clarice Wine

Napa – Small Scale, Big Change

For more than 80 years, the journey up Highway 29 into Napa Valley has begun with the same view. To

The TTB Weighs in on ‘Clean Wine’

Call it an early Easter basket surprise for those of us who aren’t fans of denigration marketing. In its newsletter

Reminder: Todd White and Dry Farm Wines are Lying to Your Face

Like most of you, I’d expect, I get a lot of wine ads in my social media feeds. Most of

Direct to America

Wine producers the world over have long coveted America’s growing consumer base of wine drinkers. But wanting access to the

Patagonia, Inc. Might Have Champagne Problems

I’ve got Patagonia on my mind. Next week I’m actually headed to Patagonia to go fly fishing. But last week

It’s Time for an American Wine Marketing Board

Those of us who drink and love wine take it for granted. We don’t give much thought to the fact

America’s Wine Decline

Numbers, they say, do not lie. But the numbers to which you pay attention matter greatly. Much ado has been

I’ll Drink to That: Sylvain Pataille and the New Old Style

A new episode of I’ll Drink to That! has just been released. Episode 489 features a conversation with Sylvain Pataille,

An American in London

Every time I find myself strolling the streets of London, as I did for a few days in early December

I’ll Drink to That: Erin and the Volcano

Episode 488 of I’ll Drink to That! features a tour of Pico Island, a part of the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic

AI and Wine

Few things have more currency in the technology arena of popular culture than artificial intelligence. From where I sit, a

Investing in Wine is for Fools and the Uber-Rich

I’m constantly befuddled by the ads that I get shown on the internet. Most ad networks seem to think I’m

Giving Thanks In the Time of COVID

I am not particularly a fan of the colonialist and oppressive origins of the American Thanksgiving holiday, and the degree

Vinography’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers: 2021 Edition

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday looms. Thanks to the global supply chain disruptions, we’re all on edge