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Tasting California’s Geekiest Vineyard

Psychologists analysing paratroopers divide them into three different categories: ‘courageous’, ‘fearless’ and ‘over-confident’. It’s not clear which of these would

You Think You Know Prosecco? Wait Until You Meet Sui Lieviti

Prosecco is about to give the world’s pét-nats a serious run for their money. Yes, you read that right: Prosecco.

Tasting Some of Colorado’s Best Wines

I don’t do a lot of wine judging. At least I haven’t done so in the past. In part, this

The Forest Dreams of the Savoie Vine: The Wines of Domaine Curtet

Can you taste integrity? Spend enough time thinking and talking about wine, especially great wine, and inevitably you have to

Cold Soul, Warm Heart: The Wines of Alma Fria

There’s one type of article I write here on Vinography that produces equal parts exhilaration and anxiety: when I decide

Forging a New View of Sonoma Valley: Introducing Gail Wines

There comes a point in some people’s careers where the only thing left to do is to make some wine.

Broken Leg Vineyard Mendocino

Keeping Mendocino Cool: Introducing Boonville Road Wines

Mendocino County, home to the Anderson Valley, is one of my favorite wine-growing areas in California. However, I’ve long maintained

Jess Wade

Sonoma Scrappy: Introducing Topophilia Wine Company

One of the great pleasures of writing about wine will always be the sense of discovery it affords. The wine

Adam Lee Portrait

The Reincarnation of Pinot Noir: Adam Lee’s Clarice Project

If you went looking for a poster child, rags-to-riches wine success story in California, you’d be hard-pressed to find a

Putting Terroir Where Your Mouth Is: The Extraordinary Wines of Pedro Parra

The van bumps down the dirt road and comes to a halt at the top of a steep unmarked lane

The Narrow Road to Quality in Chile’s Far North

Pisco vineyards in the Elqui valley. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. One of the perennial regrets of any traveling journalist must be

Lost Treasures in the Sierra Foothills: The Wines of Renaissance Vineyards

Soon after gold was discovered in California in 1848, and word spread east, more than 80,000 prospectors descended upon the

A Life Indomitable: The Wines of Casal Santa Maria, Portugal

“I have been condemned to death four times,” says the man that everyone calls Senhor Baron with a smile that

Bay Area Bordeaux: Tasting Santa Cruz Mountain Cabernets

It sounds like the beginnings of a joke: how do you hook a wine writer? The answer, it turns out,

From the Quiet Garden: The Wines of Pichler-Krutzler, Wachau, Austria

Winemaker Erich Krutzler has carried a lot of baggage in his life. At 46 he is still a relatively young

The Taste of Something New: Introducing Solminer Wines

Many things motivate the ambitious wine lover, but the curious joy of discovery often ranks highest among the forces that

Coastal Diamonds: The Rieslings of Oregon

About every two years, I get an invite to attend the International Pinot Noir Celebration in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The

The Abbot’s Dinner: A Tale of New Beginnings in Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Few things excite me more than getting a peek into the birth of a promising new winery. Especially when such

Drinking The Past: The Wines of Zorah, Armenia

Wines are always a link to our past. At the very least they tell a story of a previous season,