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Book Review: Drinking With the Valkyries, by Andrew Jefford

There are wine books to be referenced. There are wine books to be studied with intensity. There are wine books

Book Review: Amber Revolution by Simon J. Woolf

I’m slightly hazy (unfiltered, perhaps?) on the precise date I first enjoyed an orange wine. I’m guessing it was around

Book Review: Winemakers Writ Large

How do you capture the spirit of an entire wine region? This isn’t just an academic question, it’s something that

Book Review: The New Wines of Mount Etna by Benjamin North Spencer

Let’s get the disclaimer right out of the way, shall we? I positively adore the wines of Mount Etna, the

Palmento cover crop

Book Review: Palmento by Robert Camuto

About a month ago, newly immersed in this thing we now call self-isolation, the internets brought me a ray of

Book Review: Natural Wine for the People, by Alice Feiring

Review by Michael Woeste Alice Feiring wants to make a natural wine believer out of you. The woman who might

Book Review: But First, Champagne, by David White

Six months ago, if you asked me what book to get if you wanted to learn more about Champagne, I

Book Review: Shadows in the Vineyard by Maximillian Potter

Review By Camille Berry Domaine Romanée-Conti’s wines are perhaps the most famous in the world, and amongst the most expensive.

Wine and Words in Three Volumes

I happened last week to be eating lunch at a small cafe that had a wine store and bar attached.

Book Review: The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

Review By Stella Fong The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert will, at first, appeal to

Cover of The New California Wine

California’s Current Wine Revolution

What does the world look like to those in the midst of a quiet revolution? As with the frog in

Cover of Why You Like the Wines You Like

Book Review: The Latest in Wine and Food Pairing

Review by Tim Patterson. If you find the subject of food and wine pairing confusing, intimidating or irritating, read Francois

Wine Grapes Cover

Book Review: Wine Grapes by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding and José Vouillamoz

Why would any wine lover want to know something about more than one thousand different grape varieties? For the same

A Toast to Bargain Wines Cover

Book Review: A Toast to Bargain Wines by George Taber

Review by Tim Patterson Books and articles about bargain wines are a dime a dozen–check that, a nickel a dozen.

Book Review: The Chateauneuf-du-Pape Wine Book by Harry Karis

It’s not entirely clear to me which is more remarkable: the fact that before this book was published there was

Book Review: Wine Wars by Mike Veseth

Review by Tim Patterson. A big part of wine’s allure is that it is so many different things: a source

Book Review: The Drops of God: Vol 1, by Tadashi Agi

I’m tickled by the idea of wine featuring prominently in popular entertainment. I think a lot of wine lovers got

Book Review: Two New Takes on Natural Wine

Review by Tim Patterson. Alongside the profusion of wine bars and wine weeks focused on so-called “natural wines”–wines made with

When Wine Tastes Best

Book Review: When Wine Tastes Best

Review by Tim Patterson I am here to tell you about the only wine book you or I will ever