Category: Vinography Images

Vinography Images: Digging Out

After red wine fermentation completes, tanks are drained of their liquid, but what remains is a wet soppy mess of

Vinography Images: Fresh Fruit

Just-picked Napa Cabernet Sauvignon drops into the hopper on the way to the sorting table at Anomaly Vineyards in St.

Vinography Images: Selective Work

Slow and steady, with what photographer David Sawyer says is “Amazing attention to detail” the team at Domaine Mee Godard

Vinography Images: Ready and Waiting

A tank room stands clean, ready, and waiting for grapes. Across northern California, many producers are waiting with bated breath

Vinography Images: The Convergence

Looking like the underwater photograph of some big purple wave, yeast and must converge at the start of a fermentation

Vinography Images: Vivid Crush

Alicante Bouschet gets dumped into a hopper during harvest at Fitapreta Vinhos in Portugal’s Alentejo region. Alicante Bouschet is a

Vinography Images: Ready, Set, Cabernet

Boxes of Cabernet Sauvignon catch the early morning light, as the grapes prepare to be sorted before processing at Anomaly

Vinography Images: Parts & Tools

The parts and tools board at Château d’Or et de Gueles in Costieres de Nimes, France. The tools of winemaking

Vinography Images: Spotless and Ready

A view up into the motionless core of a destemming machine, whose rubber blades and mesh of holes neatly separate

Vinography Images: Misty Mountain Vines

Mist hangs in the hills above vineyards approaching harvest in the St. Helena AVA of Napa Valley. After a cooler-than-usual

Vinography Images: Drop in the Bucket

Key elements of harvest lie at the feet of a tired harvest worker photographer at the end of the day

Vinography Images: Wine Worship

Some people worship wine. Others make wine where some used to worship. The old Chapel at Fitapreta dating back to

Vinography Images: Good Vibrations

Shiny berries of Cabernet Sauvignon and just a few stem jacks are all that is left after the vibrating sorting

Vinography Images: Flame of Freshness

A burning sulfur cake glows blue in the bunghole of an old barrel at Fitapreta Vinhos in the Alentejo region

Vinography Images: The Color of Delicious

New wine shines a vivid garnet-purple against the metal of the press pan during pressing at Anomaly Vineyards in St.

Vinography Images: Constellations of Life

Looking like nothing so much as maps of constellations, patterns emerge in the bubbles of fermenting yeasts in a talha,

Vinography Images: Breathing Wine

Fermenting must hits the sieve before filling the open-top, 130-gallon tank where it will be pumped up & sprayed into the

Vinography Images: It’s Alive

Once barrel fermentation begins, the sound of popping bungs & frothy sticky must dripping everywhere abounds in the cellar. Fermenting

Vinograpy Images: Early Bird

The colors of sunrise glow on the horizon as work begins early during harvest at Fitapreta winery in Portugal’s Alentejo