The Complete List of Wine Blogs

This is all the wine blogs. At least, all the ones I know about. I’ve been collecting wine blogs ever since… well ever since there weren’t any others that I knew about besides this one. I used to have this list on my front page, but it got so long that I needed to move it here.

Do you have a wine blog? I will happily add any wine blog to this list provided it has been running for more than 2 months and shows regular (i.e. more than once per week) posting during that time. Send me a note and let me know about your blog.

After 18 years, this list has had a lot of entries added and then drop off, as more and more people try their hand at wine blogging, but then find better things to do with their time.

The last pruning of dead links and abandoned projects was on March 18, 2021. My criteria for “abandonment” is the lack of a post within 6 months.

Wine Blogs in English

Good Vitis
Gerald D Boyd On Wine
Joanie’s Wine Blog
Carte-du-vin Blog
Sip With Joyce
The SipSend Blog
Camino del Vino Blog
The WineWiki
Palm & Vine
A Fine Wine Safari
Stories of the Vine
The Chosen Table
Savor the Harvest
The Swirling Dervish
Grapevine Adventures
Taste Hungary
Simply Better Wines
History & Wine
Epicurean Angel
Stephen McConnell
The Corkscrew Concierge
The Wine and Food Review
The Grape Pursuit
Wine With Our Family
Social Sips
Bottle Stops
Unraveling Wine
Brianne Cohen
Dallas Wine Chick
Goddess of Wine
Eve’s Wine 101
Apstein on Wine
Exotic Wine Travel
Please the Palate
Insider Tasting
The Gourmez
Wine Scribes
What’s In That Bottle
The Crushed Grape Chronicles
The Wine Write
Vino Ventures
Carl Gavanti’s Wine News Blog
Wine Predator
The Wine Diplomats
Opening a Bottle
The JetSetting Fashionista
A Drink in Thought
Sip Wines Blog
Wine Casual
Ever Wonder Wine
Le Dom du Vin
Italian Abroad
Woodinville Wine Blog
Lake Chelan Wine Blog
Heroes of Riesling
California Wines and Wineries
A Must Read Blog
The Story of My Wine
Meg & Merlot
The Italian Wine Girl
Provence WineZine
Wine on the Dime
The Wine Daily
New Jersey Uncorked
The Dionysian Impulse
Artisan Swiss
The Wining Hour
South Carolina Wine Joe
Miquel Hudin
The Wine Stalker
The Wine Sisters’ Blog
The Wine Knitter
Rockin Red Blog
Desert Wine Guy
Shiba Sommelier
Grape Experiences
Zinfandel Chronicles
Local Food and Wine
Cherie du Vin
Cellar Tours Blog
Wine–Mise en abyme
Write for Wine
Wayward Wine
Edible Arts
Sip of Spokane
TX Wine Lover
JvB Uncorked
The Morning Claret
Matt Walls
The Tablas Creek Blog
Knackered Mothers Wine Club
The Cambridge Wine Blogger
Sip, Swoosh, Spit
The Drunken Cyclist
Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews
Tim Atkin’s Blog
The Academic Wino
The Wine Economist
Organic Wines Uncorked
The Reverse Wine Snob
Old Parn’s Wine Reviews
Pull That Cork
The Gray Market Report
The World of Fine Wine
Tom Barras Wine Commentary
Wellesley Wine Press
Cellar Fella
Wine Wire
The Wine Tipster
The Wine Detective
Bob on Sonoma
Samantha Sans Dosage
Vine Art
Terroir Review
Learn Italian Wines
Elxir Vitae
Luscious Lushes
Jim’s Loire
Vintage Texas
The Best of Wines
Charles Scicolone on Wine
Wells On Wine
Wine Camp
Dame Wine
Passionate Foodie
Cheap Wine Ratings
The Washington Wine Report
On the Road With the Grape Guy
1 Wine Dude
Gothic Epicures VinCuisine
Do Bianchi
Ken’s Wine Guide
Juicy Tales
Grape Wall of China
Rockss and Fruit
Barry’s Wine Notes & Memories
Canadian Wine Guy
Wine in Sweden
Joe’s Wine Blog
Wine Compass Blog
A Wine Story
Wine Talent
Bigger Than Your Head
Winecountry Blog
The Spirit of Wine
Virginia Wine Time
On The Wine Trail in Italy
The Blog Wine Cellar
The Feiring Line
East Coast Wineries
Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog
BK Wine
The Cork Report
Professor Bainbridge On Wine
Bertrand Celce’s Wine Tasting in France

Wine Blogs in Italian

Chiara Giorleo
La La Wine
45* Parallelo
Vini di Sicilia
WineBlogRoll Italia
Luciano Pignataro
I Numeri del Vino
Vino al Vino
Vinoteca Online

Wine Blogs in German

Vinaet Blog
Captain Cork
Weingut Kaul
Weinhof Kobler Weblog

Wine Blogs in French

Le Vin Salon Renaud
Emmanuel Delmas
Academie des Vins Anciens
Blog d’Hervé Bizeul
Le Blog de Jean-Luc Thunevin
Jacques Froissant Altaide

Wine Blogs in Spanish

Spanish Wine Lover
El Ángel del Vino
Adictos a la Lujuria
La Casa de Antociano

Wine Blogs in Portuguese

Le Wine Bug
Os Vinhos
Pingas no Copo
Copo de 3

Wine Blogs in Norweigan


Wine Blogs in Slovak

Červené a Biele

Wine Blogs in Swedish

Check out the list maintained by my friend Per Karlsson.

Wine Blogs in Polish