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Vinography Images: The Early Taste

Purple residue of press juice stains glasses and the table in the cellar at Anomaly Vineyards in St. Helena, California.

Vinography Images: Islands in the Stream

Fermenting must erupts from barrels leaving a virtual delta of sticky, fragrant juice on the floor of Fitapreta Vinhos in

Vinography Images: Gamay Skies

Stormy skies unfurl above the village of Morgon in France’s Beaujolais wine region. This is a view looking down towards

Vinography Images: Thief in the Cave

Caught in the act. A ‘wine thief’ used to take barrel samples rests in an open bung hole at Anomaly

Vinography Images: Behind the Wall

An old ladder and wine barrel stand by behind the wall as the last rays of the sun come through

Vinography Images: The Work Ahead

Tartrates and other fermentation residues line the insides of a tank at Fitapreta Vinhos int the Alentejo region of Portugal,

Vinography Images: Stand Tahla

The view down into a freshly filled talha with a field blend of white grapes at Fitapreta Vinhos in Alentejo,

Vinography Images: Napa Cool

Clouds and fog hang over the mountains behind a St. Helena vineyard in Napa Valley offering lots of atmosphere and

Vinography Images: The Good Mess

A plastic fermentation bin, moments after it has been emptied at Anomaly Vineyards in St. Helena, California. Called “macro bins”

Vinography Images: Door Number Two

A row of cement tanks lines the wall of the cellar at Domaine La Réméjeanne in the Côtes du Rhône

Vinography Images: Trace of Flow

Residue of skins and seeds coats a screen, making unique patterns after an aerating pumpover at Anomaly Vineyards in St.

Vinography Images: The Unbarreled Lightness of Being

A shaft of light illuminates the new barrel room at Fitapreta Vinhos in Alentejo, Portugal. Says photographer David Sawyer: “Constructing

Introducing Photographer David Sawyer

As regular readers know, I collaborate with photographers to add some visual beauty to my weekly ramblings and wine reviews

Vinography Images: The Valley Blooms

A riot of California poppies carpets the vine rows of Kunde Winery in Sonoma Valley. With all the rains that

Vinography Images: Spring Sap

Sap oozes from a cut section of vine in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley. For now, most grapevines in the northern hemisphere

Vinography Images: Dawning of Spring

The rows of vineyards glow an emerald green in the light of dawn in Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley. A heavy

Vinography Images: Around the Bend

The road into Santa Barbara’s Happy Canyon snakes around vineyards and a majestic oak, as vines show their winter silhouettes

Vinography Images: Mustard and Lime

The bright yellow of mustard flowers and the bright white of calcareous earth brighten a vineyard in Santa Barbara County.

Vinography Images: Santa Lucia Rainlands

Fog hangs heavy across the Salinas Valley, just above the tops of the vineyards of the Santa Lucia Highlands, which