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Three Cheers For a Wine Democracy

I've always privately believed that if everyone just drank a bit more wine, the world would be a better place. Who knows if that's really true, but apparently it's quite likely that if everyone drank more wine, the world would be more democratic.

According to analysis by Jon Bonné, Wine Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, Obama was elected by The Wine Vote.

What's that, you ask? Wine drinking liberal elitists? Guilty as charged. But get this little statistic:

Amount of wine produced in states that McCain won: 4.3 Million Gallons Amount of wine produced in states that Obama won: 773 Million Gallons Percentage of wine produced in America that comes from states that Obama carried: 98.6

Harper's Index eat your heart out. The whole thing makes me giggle. And while Obama is a big beer lover, it's clear that the White House wine cellar will get a lot more attention starting in January than it has for the last eight years.

Check out Jon's blog post.

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11.06.08 at 10:28 PM

A great & fun analysis. Wine is, afterall, the 'civilized' beverage. Clearly, this is the signal for a return to civility & civilization. I'll drink to that!

Rick H. wrote:
11.06.08 at 11:00 PM

"And while Obama is a big beer lover, it's clear that the White House wine cellar will get a lot more attention starting in January than it has for the last eight years."

Um... given that the current president is an alcoholic, that's not really saying much.

Jon wrote:
11.06.08 at 11:02 PM

Well, California accounts for almost 90% of American wine production, so I have to say that the above statistics are pretty much worthless--win California and you've won the wine vote. Of course, win California and you also win 55 of the 270 needed to be president, so California's importance to the presidential election transcends wine.

Alder wrote:
11.06.08 at 11:08 PM


That would be an ex-alcoholic, on-the-wagon, teetotaling, self avowed wine hater president, currently. W hasn't touched the wine cellar as far as I know.

Dylan wrote:
11.07.08 at 5:55 AM

How does wine become selected for the White House wine cellar? Is it just by the President's choice or is there a specialist that handles things on site?

Leio wrote:
11.07.08 at 7:05 AM

Do you think it is possible that the liberal states have just been drinking themselves into oblivion to cope with the Bush years? =)

Alder wrote:
11.07.08 at 9:23 AM


I believe there is someone who has the title of "wine director" or something like that at the White House. I remember seeing an article a while back about how this guy didn't have much to do over the last 8 years.


Rick H. wrote:
11.07.08 at 9:46 AM

Would you rather he touched the sauce?

Leio wrote:
11.07.08 at 11:19 AM

Here is a very good article on wine served in the white house!


St.Vini wrote:
11.07.08 at 2:22 PM

What's the relevance of production by state? Hell, Jack Daniels is made in a dry county, so what does that imply?!?

What you want is consumption by state:



Garrett wrote:
11.07.08 at 3:38 PM

What is it on Prop 8 though? *still a bit bitter, like a poorly kept wine*

Alder wrote:
11.07.08 at 3:46 PM

Oh man. Tell me about it. What a complete disappointment. So strange to be triumphant and proud of America for electing Obama and so utterly disgusted with Californians for letting Prop 8 pass. Ugh

11.10.08 at 2:11 AM

We live here in Burgundy and have 4 vacation rentals in and near Beaune with Americans making up a big portion of our clientele.

We have noticed a strange phenomemon over the past 9 years as vacation rental owners / managers: almost 90% of our US clients are Democrats. That same 90% are really into wine, and choose Burgundy for that reason.

Coincidence? Je ne pense pas!

Laura in Burgundy

Tim Raniere wrote:
11.11.08 at 7:13 AM

Ill informed folks didn't see past the lies- would more wine have helped?? Maybe. Would've been nice if the
NO on H8TE side had done more to
emphasize that we were amending our State's
constitution to exclude rights'....
It's almost as bad as electing AHnold!

Alder wrote:
11.20.08 at 11:41 PM

Here's a great article on the person who acts as the White House sommelier:


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