2000 Trimbach Gewurtztraminer, Alsace

I’m still learning a lot about Alsatian wine, but I know enough to categorically say this: if you’re gonna drink Reisling or Gewurtztraminer with dinner, don’t drink it from California. I had the Trimbach with a Chinese dinner.

Tasting Notes:
Exquisitely light and crisp with none of the cloying sweetness of its California imitators. Not a lot of aroma in the glass, but as soon as it entered the mouth the bouquet exploded into white rose, lychee, and apricot mixed with cool honeysuckle and jasmine. A very clean finish made for an exceptionally refreshing wine.

Food Pairing:
Great with asian foods that have sweet and spicy sauces: Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, Cambodian. I drank mine with chicken and prawns in a spicy plum sauce from Firecracker.

Overall Score: 8.5

How Much?: Should be about $15

Taking a quick glance through Froogle (another place I often look for wines) it looks like you can get it pretty easily on the Web. Or (shudder) at BevMo.