2001 Keller Estate Pinot Noir

I first discovered Keller wines at the Family Winemakers Industry Tasting this past November in San Francisco. I was impressed not only with the quality and value of their wines, but also the friendliness of their staff. They also have a good website, but we don’t count that either way.

Tasting Notes:
The 2001 Pinot is very mellow as Pinots go. It’s got a lovely soft fruit nose of black cherry and rasberries, with a touch of herbs, and has a full mouthfeel that has some light acidity which makes it tart and refreshing. The finish is relatively soft as well and noticeably minimized are the usual peppery, earthy flavors that some people like in Pinot Noir — what I sometimes call a barnyard aroma. Because of this, this Pinot may not be for everyone, but it is a solid effort and one that I really enjoyed. I’ve bought half a case and intend on enjoying it for a while.

Food Pairing:
This is an excellent food wine. It would go great with pork dishes of any kind, as well as more robust fish like Salmon or wild trout. Because of its fruit, it might even stand up to lamb as well.

Overall Score: 8.5

How much?: $30

The wine is available for sale online at the Keller website.