1999 Chateau Les Ormes-Sorbet, Medoc, France

I just got back from a long weekend in Paris, with much to write about here (some restaurant, hotel, and patisserie recommendations). But of course, there was wine. I’ll start with a lovely wine that like many of its kind is an extremely good value. It is a Bourgeois Cru from Medoc, a region that offers some excellent wines without the incredible prestige (and pricetag) of the Margeaux or Paulliac of the Haut-Medoc. The wine is mostly Cabernet Franc and Merlot, with a little Cabernet Sauvignon blended in for balance.

Tasting Notes:
Lovely bouquet of damp wood, and cherries, with hints of chocolate. The nose opened up over time to more dark fruit whose species I couldn’t put a name to. The wine had a plush mouthfeel with soft oak and tannins rolled up in a nicely balanced package. Medium to long finish that was oh-so-satisfying. A perfect wine to bring on a country picnic.

Food Pairing:
Stewed rabbit or Duck in a sweet sauce, or if you’re feeling especially carnivorous steak and frites. Went fantastically well with a Fourme D’Ambert cheese (like a stilton).

Overall Score: 8

How much?: Should be between $16 and $20 a bottle, half bottles available.

Several merchants sell the wine online, but most appear to be in Europe.