And For Christmas I’d Like….Wine From The Titanic

Some people are obsessive about owning certain wines. Some people just have too much money on their hands. Some people actually have both problems, and there’s a company out there to help them. I present to you a recent press release from Wineflyers.Com — purveyor to the rich and silly:

Rare International Wine Sourcing Service Finds Wine from Titanic has located what has been considered the world’s rarest wine, that from the Titanic. This has been a major coup for the company and one that will put on the top of the list when it comes to sourcing the world’s hardest to obtain wines.

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) August 31, 2004 — Wineflyers International, a Melbourne based global rare and vintage wine sourcing company, has located what could be the greatest wine find in recent history. The company provides services to a broad client base with big names such as Michael Schumacher, Paul Stanley, Warner Brothers, David Bowie and many other profile names, as well as numerous 5 star resorts, hotels and restaraunts globally.

Andrew Roper, said late yesterday “The wine was requested as a joke by a high profile customer in Asia, and we searched the globe to locate it”, the buyer of course wished not to be named and will consider donating the wines to a national museum. The wines are considered way past their used by date, however it is not beyond the realms of possibilities that the buyer may sneak an opening of one of the 6 bottles to really see if the wine is beyond drinking.

“The wines are serious collector pieces” Roper said, “But I would not be surprised to see the buyer at least try one out”. “When we finally located the cache, I was amazed to see the levels of the wine in the bottles still above the neck line, I expected way worse”.

Ropers business is the world’s leading wine sourcing and wine courier company, and has located many of the world’s great vintages. The company is currently in negotiations with several US Casinos with the purchase of 2 full sets of Penfolds Grange (1951 to 1999) and also a set of Penfolds Grange Magnums (1979 to 1999).