John Cleese and Wine: A Deadly Mix?

I’m not sure whether I’m proud or sad that I’ve never laughed so hard that wine came out my nose, but if I had cable you can bet I’d be sitting in front of the TV with a big mouthful of wine this Sunday as none other than John Cleese makes his debut as the host of a Food Network show called “Wine For The Confused.” The show, in Cleese’s own words is supposed to bring wine down to an everyman’s level. “I felt it was a shame that something that is such a source of pleasure should have become restricted by all this snobbery.”

If you manage to see it, would you post a comment and let me know how it is? I’d especially like to know what wine feels like as it comes out of your nose.

Wine for The Confused
The Food Network
Sunday October 17, 10 PM EDT