Eight years, $27,000, and the Menu From Heaven?

Here’s something to remove from your list of things you want to be the first to do: visit all the Michelin three star restaurants in Europe. Seems that an Englishman named Andy Hailer with a lot of patience and deep pockets beat you to it. Took him eight years and the better part of thirty grand (that’s just the food costs) to do it.

In the process he determined his favorite chef to be Joel Robuchon, and he has composed an ideal menu among all the dishes he experienced in those years. Call it the menu of his dreams.

Appetizer: Vegetable risotto from Da Pescatore (Italy)
Main: Bresse chicken from l’Ambroisie (Paris)
Dessert: French Rum Baba from Louis XV (Monaco)

In the course of this tour he also developed his own rating system, which for the life of me, I can’t find anywhere.

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