Family Winemakers Tasting This Weekend

I’ve been travelling around the country on business so you’ll have to forgive me my lapse in mentioning this earlier, but this coming Sunday and Monday, San Francisco plays host to probably one of the best public wine tasting events in California, the Family Winemakers Tasting.

This is a massive event for both the trade and the public with nearly 300 family producers pouring their latest stuff. “Family run” it turns out, is a fairly loose designation, as Mondavi Corp and Kendall Jackson seem to qualify, but in general, the majority of the producers are just what I like — small wineries run by dedicated and wonderful people.

It can be a bit of a mob fest, especially on Sunday. Go early and get in line.

Family Winemakers Trade and Public Tasting
Festival Pavilion
Fort Mason
99 Marina Boulevard
San Francisco

Sunday 11/7:
Open to the Public: 12:00-4:00pm

Monday 11/8:
Open to the trade/media only: 1:00-6:00pm