Boutique Champagnes For Your Pleasure

I’m not a huge fan of the bubbly stuff, which is yet another thing that makes some of my wine collector friends roll their eyes and mutter words like “philistine” under their breath. But I will admit to having had a couple of really excellent ones that more often than not have come from producers I have never heard of, which is just the way I like it.

Around this time of year it would have been great for me to do a little story on some boutique producers of bubbly, but unfortunately, I don’t know any. Good thing for you that Michael Franz over at the washington post is on the job. He’s got a short little article highlighting several small producers from France that seem like they might be just up my alley, if only I could broaden my horizons a little to include bubbles.

Check it out. You still have time to go searching before the big night.