Sushi: Everything You Ever Needed To Know

I’m a huge sushi fan, as some of you know, and recently two things have crossed my path that seem like excellent resources for those who may share the same addiction.

The first came my way via Alaina over at A full Belly who posted a link to the excellent guide entitled simply “How to Eat Sushi” which is in my somewhat trained opinion, one of the best descriptions of how real sushi conoisseurs in Japan go about it. Many of the things in there were taught to me by Japanese colleagues while I lived there, but there were some new ones too that were very interesting.

Second was the Encyclopedia of Sushi which I discoveded on Sweet and Sour Spectator. It’s not quite as well researched and written as the first item, but there are some interesting things there, such as an excellent sushi glossary, an English map of the “best” sushi restaurants in Tokyo, as well as information about how to prepare sushi, etc.