Vote for Vinography: 2004 Food Blogging Awards

It’s official. Vinography is one of five nominees for Best Wine, Beer, and Spirits Blog in the 2004 Food Blogging Awards, and the voting has started on the host site: The Accidental Hedonist. The nomination process reminded me of a middle school popularity contest, which brought back horrible, scarring memories, but despite my refusal to send e-mails to all my friends asking them to vote for me, I’ve made it to the final round. For that, I owe those of you who nominated me a word of thanks.

Now that I have been nominated, I’d like to ask (once) for your vote. If you feel like the writing that I do here is interesting, entertaining, or helpful, it would be great if you could cast a vote to that effect. Go to and look on the right hand side of the page for the ballot. Click through the pages of the ballot (vote for others!) until you get to the Wine, Beer, and Spirits ballot.

The voting ends December 31st at Midnight.

No matter what the outcome, it has been quite a year, and again, I thank you for your readership. Now I’m off to the polls…