We Need More Winemakers Like This…

Here’s a dynamo winemaker from Spain who is truly the people’s winemaker. He makes wines that are $80 a bottle and he makes wines that are $8 a bottle, and he’s psyched about the $8 ones. Food & Wine’s editor-du-vin, Lettie Teague, spends a week with Spain’s “Driving Winemaker” Telmo Rodriguez, criss-crossing the Spanish countryside and documenting gems like:

“Every place I make wine, I work with a family….I deal with so many different types of people I should be a psychologist.”

“I think the architects of Spain should go to jail. They are destroying the landscape.”

This guy is a firebrand, and seems to approach his vocation with a spirit and energy that I find admirable and unfortunately not as common as it could be here in California as well as elsewhere around the world.

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