Introducing Guest Blogger Giampiero Nadali

It is my pleasure to introduce the second ever guest blogger here at Vinography. To my great disappointment, this year I am not able to attend Vinitaly 2005, the largest and grandest Italian wine convention in the world. So I’ve done the next best thing: enlisted the services of an enthusiastic wine blogging volunteer from Italy named Giampiero Nadali.

By day, Giampiero works in high tech and telecom, but by night he is the author of Aristide.Biz, a very nicely done Italian wine blog, as well as his own personal blog. “Aristide is the symbol of an identity. Identity we love to find in wine as the expression of a fruit, a land, of people and culture. All these things make some glasses of wine unique and identifiable, sometimes unforgettable and often wished-for,” writes Giampiero.

Giampiero will be bringing us dispatches over the next few days from the outside and the inside of Vinitaly 2005, including photographs of the event, and hopefully some tasting notes from some excellent wines he finds there.

I hope you enjoy the work of our first “foreign wine correspondent.”