It’s Not Parker’s Fault, It’s Global Warming

With Mondovino out in theaters in the US now, there’s no shortage of finger pointing and arguments about who’s responsible for the supposed homogenization and globalization of wine. It’s Parker! It’s Michel Rolland! It’s the Stupid American Public! It’s Evil Rich People!

I had to chuckle today when I came across this article which says, oh no, it’s not the fault of any of those people. You see it’s actually Global Warming that’s responsible for all those wines tasting the same.

It seems that some scientists and French winemakers expect more and more heatwaves in the future which will result in “alcohol, fruitiness and sweetness… as the French climate suffers drier conditions….” With predicted temperature gains in the next decade of 4°F in Burgundy and 4.19°F in Bordeaux, Mssrs. Parker and Rolland can rest easy knowing that the taste of French wine lies not in their control, but in the hands of the countries ratifying the Kyoto protocol.

I’m sure they’re relieved. I know I am.