If You Can’t Drink ‘Em, Wear ‘Em

France, as anyone who follows the wine business knows, is in trouble. Too many grapes, too much wine, and not enough drinkers at home and abroad, or perhaps not enough people willing to pay for French wine. Used to getting assistance from the government over all sorts of things, winegrowers are throwing tantrums and beating their chests in an effort to save their livelihood. We must be a little understanding. After all they are hobbled by the rules of an outdated and draconian appellation system and by utterly inane government policy which prevents them from advertising wines using modern technology like photography.

However, if winegrowers would simply be open to shifting their focus a little, they could all do fantastically in the cosmetics business.

From Luxist this morning I learned that by far one of the best things to do with surplus wine grapes, especially Champagne grapes, is to turn them into face cream.

Stop all this rioting in the streets and MOISTURIZE!