Talking Wine Labels. What Won’t They Think Of?

A-HA! Maybe THIS will make French wine labels easier to understand! Apparently some product packaging genius* has come up with a way for customers to “listen” to their wine labels. Apparently the Italian label manufacturer Modulgraf has come up with a fancy-shmancy new type of wine label that can be removed from the bottle and “read like a CD.”

* Hmm. Let’s see. This means that when I want to find out about a wine, I take the label off, then if I haven’t already put my headphones on and the special reader when I walk into the store, I have to go over to the counter and ask the store owner for the reader and headphones (or maybe I just subject the rest of the customers to my wine label information). That sounds pretty nightmare…uh, handy, don’t you think?

Well, the manufacturers say that these things are “Clearly…intended for a very select category of wines and consumers.”

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