For the Wine Lover Who Has Everything

Thanks to the folks over at Luxist for digging up what will certainly be the, mark my words, hot wine gift of this holiday season (at least among your millionaire friends). It’s not just a wine cooler, it’s a wine preserving cooler that takes four of your recently opened bottles and turns them into tap dispensing wine preserved with nitrogen.

So I’m sitting here staring at this product and thinking. OK. Good concept, I get it. And then I start looking at those plastic dispensing nozzles, and wondering, how the heck do you manage to get those clean? Especially if the cabinet is permanently mounted somewhere, the last thing you want is residue from last week’s Pinot Gris getting mixed in with this weeks Sauvignon Blanc. Maybe they’ve got this all figured out and the parts come off and are dishwasher safe. Or maybe not.

Someone buy one and e-mail me a review !