Wine & Spirits’ Top 100 Tasting, October 12, San Francisco

Pssst. Want the scoop on an invitation only wine tasting event in San Francisco? OK. So this isn’t top secret, but you’ll only find it advertised in select places, and it’s likely to sell out rather quickly. Wine and Spirits Magazine will be holding its top 100 wineries of the year tasting at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco on Wednesday, October 12th.

This event will feature wines from each of the top 100 wineries (for a list see the ticket sales web site) and finger food, charcuterie, and oysters from A16, César, The Fatted Calf, The Slanted Door and Taylor Shellfish Farms.

I haven’t been to this event before, so I’m afraid I can’t offer much in the way of editorial, but other readers who have attended are welcome to provide their perspective and any tips on the party.

Wine & Spirits’ Top 100 Tasting
October 12, 2005 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
The Golden Gate Club in San Francisco’s Presidio
135 Fisher Loop
San Francisco, CA 94102

Tickets are ONLY available in advance, and cost $100 per person. You can purchase them online.