Helping You Remember Where You Put That Bottle

A new story about how red wine is good for your health comes out every 2 weeks. Think I’m kidding? I read all the news about wine, and trust me it’s true. Originally I thought I would feature such stories on Vinography, but they got to be too numerous. But since I haven’t mentioned them in a while, I thought I’d use today’s good news to highlight the fact that I’ve catalogued several dozen health benefits of wine, and today, there’s one more that’s especially promising, especially to those of us who worry that one day we might have Alzheimer’s bad enough to (gasp!) forget where we put our favorite wines.

Apparently a compound found in red wines called Resveratrol (found in the highest concentrations in Pinot Noir — sorry Merlot!) helps to break down one of the primary agents for the brain lesions that are associated with Alzheimer’s. Scientists aren’t sure whether wine contains enough of them to really make a difference, but they’re sure they are in there. Read the full story.

I wonder if another glass of Pinot will help me find my favorite corkscrew…